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Goldbaum’s offers a variety of gluten-free products which we were impressed with, one for one. 

Any child would love to enjoy a scoop of ice cream in the vanilla ice cream cones. The chocolate sugar cones were a real treat. I dipped the top of the cones into melted chocolate, and we enjoyed playing around with them.


The baked crackers were light and very tasty. They are made with rice and are dairy-free and casein-free, and the garlic flavor really got me eating chip after chip. I tend to turn away from most baked chips, yet these didn’t have that common dried-out baked taste.


Goldbaum’s offers 8 varieties of pastas, again rice-based, and we tested 4 of them and really enjoyed the texture and flavor. It amazed me how one company’s rice pasta can taste so different from another’s.

Goldbaum’s is relatively new to the gluten-free arena, yet the CEO Leah Parnes chose a GF lifestyle due to her own health issues. She tested recipes and her GF pasta was her first discovery to satisfy her palate and the palates of those in her support group. With success among friends, Goldbaum’s Natural Food Co. soon was established.



Leah’s commitment to her customers led her to other products such as ice cream cones. She welcomes suggestions and “wants” them.

Leah has more than a decade of experience in nutrition, celiac and diabetes. She currently is gluten-free and vegan.

We are looking forward to more GF products from Goldbaum’s. The ones we tested were great!

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended.

 Tina Turbin

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4 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Food – Goldbaum’s Natural Food Company

  1. I’m in love with this company! I get them all the time. I love the Crisps-garlic…they are very light and taste like Japanese rice crackers. The Original is surprisingly really tasty! You would never know it by just hearing “original”. The original is great! I put the Rice crunchies in soup. Perfect amount of slat and flavor.

    I buy the sugar cocoa ice cream cones for my kids. it’s going to be a hit with their friend’s this summer when it gets hot!

  2. Hi! I love Goldbaum’s snacks! I agree with Marla, the garlic crisps taste like a Japanese rice cracker. I love them! the cocoa ice cream cones are comparable to cocoa puffs..but thankfully these are gluten free and so delicious!

  3. Hello! I buy the brown rice pasta all the time. It’s delicious and of course so versatile with any recipe. I also love snacking on the garlic crisps. I love garlic and these are super yummy! I get the original and i like them much more than any other traditional chip.

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