Gluten-Free Food: Mixes from the Heartland

(Above) Coconut pie made with “Gluten Free Impossible Coconut Pie Mix”


Tucked away in Texas this gluten free company, Mixes from the Heartland, offers a diverse assortment of mixes from muffin and bread mixes to delicious soup mixes.

My test-staff and I, in California and Florida, found every one of their products to be easy and quick to make, conformed to alterations and additions with success, and were absolutely delicious. These are mixes the entire family can enjoy.

(Above) Chicken Veggie Soup made from the Gluten Free Chicken Veggie Soup Mix

Mixes from the Heartland is a family-owned company with a sincere care for the gluten-free and celiac community. With the cost of gluten free  products typically being high, owner and CEO Teri Whisenhunt has steadfast determination to keep her products affordable by keeping middlemen off of her purchasing lines. According to Teri, they proudly carry the Celiac Sprue Seal of Approval, and they’re tested at under 5 ppm for wheat. They’ll soon carry a Vegetarian and All-Natural Seal of Approval. They are a 100% gluten-free factory.

With over 45 soup mixes and 25 meals, you can’t be at a loss for choices. They are a fast-growing company, always adding more, like their new sugar-free gluten-free mixes. Their desserts turned out light and true to the package. Teri goes on to say that any product that enters their factory must carry their own certification by the producer that it can pass the Eliza Test of less than 5 ppm of wheat.

This company goes the extra mile to ensure that any product their consumer purchases will be free of eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, oats, and gluten, and without bean flours used either.

Go to their site to order an item, a case or even fifty lbs. A shopping club is in the works, which will offer monthly giveaways and specials.

With their goal to be a focus point in the gluten-free industry, adhering to their standards stated earlier, and maintaining costs most families can afford, I know this company will be a household name in any GF home. This growing company has that family touch in each of the well though-out and developed mixes. Such variety and taste! You won’t be sorry.

Enjoy Mixes from the Heartland recipes we have shared on the site from my test kitchens.


Tina Turbin

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by award-winning author Tina Turbin and founder of

Excerpted from the Mixes in the Heartland website:

Located in the Panhandle of West Texas, Mixes From The Heartland, Inc. new factory is over 30,000 square feet, and is completely dedicated to manufacturing Gluten Free products. We proudly produce our gluten free mixes using only the highest quality natural, freeze dried foods offered on the market.

Mixes From The Heartland has exploded onto the market with our revolutionary new line of Gluten Free Mixes and Sugar Free Gluten Free Mixes – Food products. Unlike other gluten-free companies we have NO cross contamination issues since our production rooms and warehouses are free of wheat, rye, and barley. While some of our competitors suggest that they are Gluten Free, some of them have factories that have wheat, rye, oats and barley in their facilities. If applicable, this can pose two potential problems, Gluten contamination which is air-born and using the same machines to run Gluten Free products and wheat related products. Even the most thorough cleaning can leave traces of Gluten behind.

Mixes From The Heartland Inc. makes sure that our suppliers of raw materials also avoid cross continuation in order to uphold the integrity of our finished product. Our goal is to provide healthy Gluten Free meals.

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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20 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Food: Mixes from the Heartland

  1. I’ve tried the Coconut pie and it’s quite moist. Great for coconut-lovers! It is almost like a coconut custard. Pretty tasty!

  2. I made the coconut pie and it is so delicious! It’s almost addicting! It’s all one mix, but after it’s cooked and cooled, there is a chewy crust, moist middle, and crusted top. You would think that it’s three different layers but it’s not! This pie is anything but impossible!
    I also got the chance to make the Chicken Veggie Soup. I added chopped up chicken breast and added just half of the liquid that was in the directions for a heartier sauce instead of a soup and it was amazing! I wish I had more.
    Overall, this company is great. I really love their mixes. They’re easy to make and extremely delicious!

  3. I thought the coconut pie was sweet and it taste good with lots of different fruit. it goes well with a fruit salad.

    the chicken veggie soup was quite yummy! the vegetables have a really hearty taste and i liked it a lot.

  4. I cooked a package of the veggie soup!

    I made some alterations in the directions. The soup called for 10 cups of water and you can replace the last two with chicken broth. It also called for 1 lb of chicken. Instead, I used 5 cups of water which included 4 cups of chicken broth with maybe a third pound of chicken. The result was less soupy and more like pasta with a thick sauce.

    I totally forgot that this was gluten free! It tastes just as good as regular pasta. However, because of the low sodium, I did find myself adding garlic salt for more taste. I don’t feel gross and bloated like how I usually feel after eating a big bowl of pasta. however, if I had followed the actually directions and made it into a soup, I don’t think i would have liked it as much because it would be too watery as have less flavor.

  5. I was not sure how to get the consistency of a “soup” rather than a “over-cooked rice dish” but the directions are perfect and so easy to follow. I added some cooked Chicken, a spoon of Chicken Broth to flavor and a dash of salt to taste.
    Absolutely the perfect ending to a cold winter day!

  6. If you want a hearty reach Chicken Soup you must try this awesome GF Harvest Chicken Rice Soup.
    So easy to make yet, it taste so good… It’s a must-have item in any pantry!

  7. The Chicken-Rice soup is so much better than any “canned” or “boxed” soup you would get at the store.
    It has a delicate flavor and perfect texture, (not too heavy yet not too thin.)
    The mixed vegetables add a lot and there was no after-taste. I love it!

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  9. The cranberry bread had a nice consistency though a little bit dry.
    I would have added a little sweeter like a bit of honey or other natural sweetener.

  10. I like the addition of the cranberry. Not something I would have thought to add into Corn Bread… Nice twist!!

  11. This bread is great when you make it fresh. Since I had enough for two loafs I had plenty left to save some in the fridge (or freezer). I took a sliced the next day and wormed it in the toaster. It was fabulous! I recommend that you try it for yourself.

  12. The cream of mushroom soup was terrific! Incredibly easy to make, very rich and flavorful. I added thinly sliced fresh mushrooms, which was delicious.

  13. Really tasty cream of mushroom soup – I would not have known it was ‘healthy’ if my wife hadn’t made it! 🙂

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