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Last year, I met a man at a conference representing ALCAT (antigen leukocyte cellular antibody test), a test that measures levels of food and chemical intolerances, also known as sensitivities, and is available all over the world, in the U.S., UK, Ukraine, India, and Saudi Arabia. My husband’s success with this blood test will follow, but for now, let me explain the simple, basic, yet powerful details of this test.
Once your blood arrives at their Florida laboratory, ALCAT lab technicians determine a general baseline of your blood and immediately expose the blood to various “test agents” based on the package you purchase. For example, you may choose molds and certain foods, or just foods, or chemicals and foods, etc. The blood’s reactions to their agents tell the lab what degree of reaction, if any at all. The data is rapidly compiled. You or your healthcare practitioner will receive the result with easy-to-read information and a simple-to-understand and a chart to follow.
My husband had to deal for years with a very high CRP (C-Reaction Protein) level. CRP measures inflammation in the body, which very long periods is not healthy and can cause all sorts of trouble for the heart, organs, joints, and age-related situations. I was told years ago that it’s a good test to have done in your forties as a preventative action.
So after years of doctors trying to help my husband lower his CRP, and after many other tests to try to pinpoint why it’s so high and where it’s causing damage, my husband decided to have his blood drawn for the ALCAT. His results come back seven days later, and he has a few foods in his “severe” list to avoid for six months. Nothing major, except it does show he had reaction to casein and wheat as well.
My husband would eat wheat, bread, and crackers mostly, so to me this news was a godsend. Finally I could have my dedicated GF kitchen. The dairy was another story. He loves his cheese. It was going to be an interesting six months.
Over this period of six months, he grew fond of gluten-free pasta, crackers, breads (especially my homemade bread) and even started eating my rice cheese.
It’s six months later and he retests his CRP after no wheat and dairy and five other foods. For the first time in many years his CRP came down from a dangerous constant high to very near normal. His only change had been avoiding the seven foods in his extreme list and a few in his mild. There are three columns: extreme, mild, and no reaction.
I’m thinking, “Drats, now he’ll go back on wheat if he retakes the ALCAT and it says he’s clear of wheat.” Well, he retested and had about six foods, plus the gluten, reacting high again (even though he’s off it). The casein is less.
He feels great, lost some weight, less nose troubles, and he’s decided to refrain from wheat and dairy. The only change he made to lower his CRP was this ALCAT test. Pretty amazing.
You can learn more about ALCAT and other results at 1 (800) US-ALCAT or by visiting You can also do a Google search on CRP, C-Reactive Protein, to read some basic details on this, if you’re curious.
Ask your doctor about the ALCAT or even suggest it if you’re in your forties or older. I hope this was helpful.
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