Attune- A Company with Unique Probiotics

Chocolate combined with probiotics in a healthy, delicious, nutritious snack?  This sounds like an oxymoron.

Attune is a company and idea founded by genius and well-seasoned businessman, Rob Hurlbut. Rob loves the outdoors, sports, fresh air, and being active. He feels his morning outdoor run or hike sets the pace for the beauty of the rest of the day.

Free Attune Give-Away Bars

Attune currently manufactures 7 flavors of this gluten-free probiotic and prebiotic-loaded taste of “yum”: Almond Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Dark Chocolate, Coffee Bean Dark Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, and Blueberry Vanilla Chocolate.


Rob and his team have given due diligence to researching the beneficial strains of bacteria which would blend well and sustain integrity with their chocolates. All blends of probiotic strains are kosher, GRAS, and selected for their stability and health purposes.                                                                  

Prebiotic, which was a new term to me, is simply a form of fiber which remains in the small intestine and acts like food for one’s friendly bacteria as well as a fiber and works positively with probiotics.

I tried all the flavors, and I justified eating a bar of each one because not only did they taste absolutely divine, but –heck!—they were healthy for me. The more I ate, the more friendly bacteria, after all. Works for me! So one of each, down they went –divine!

This company has done their homework and has come up with an ethical, nutritious, and delicious line which I’m honored to have been privileged to test.

I eventually gave in and shared the remaining bars with my employees and testers. Not one of them could believe that such delicious bars could have health benefits for one’s immune and digestive systems.

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by me. Get a Free Attune Give- Away now.

Tina Turbin

Note: These bars are to be kept refrigerated.

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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17 thoughts on “Attune- A Company with Unique Probiotics

  1. These bars are DELICIOUS! I would eat them just for the taste, I’d never guess they are also healthy. I particularly like that there is no sugar or ARTIFICIAL sweeteners in them, only a natural sweetener. I have tried the dark chocolate and the chocolate crisp, and they are both great!! They are the easiest way in the world to get a good probiotic into my children as well.

  2. I am writing this on behalf of my 4-year old who LOVES these bars. He thinks they are special treats, and doesn’t realize they are actually good for him. I put them in his lunch box, and all of his friends are jealous! His little face lights up whenever he discovers a bar in his lunch. And they are healthy!!

  3. These are awesome, awesome, awesome! Two thumbs up, I love the dark chocolate and the crisp (I have not tried the others yet). They are so good, and the bonus is that they are healthy as well, which I would never know from the flavor.

  4. I would like to win the Attune dark chocolate bars because I am a chocaholic! And they would be nice for after swimming and exercising! Pick me, pick me!!! 🙂

  5. I’m not a chocolate lover due to the fact I don’t like all the extra sugar used in products but this product I could realy taste and feel
    a difference! I ended up eating 4 bars in a week!

  6. The Attune chocolate is delicious, I had the dark chocolate and it was delightful. I to have it be so good for you was such a great bonus.

  7. My daughter has MS and doesn’t like to eat anything healthy. She complains of being constapated. So if I could get her to eat these tasty treats then maybe I won’t have to hear her complain so much. lol.

  8. I have a gluten allergy that shows up in the form of a terrible skin rash that’s called dermatitis herpeformitis. Finding products that are truly gluten-free is sometimes difficult. The Attune Bars, containing probiotic and prebiotic ingredients, sound like a great way to keep your digestive tract healthy. Winning the Attune giveaway will be a great way to add another gluten-free product to my lifestyle.
    Terrell Whitley

  9. Boy, oh boy!!! These look and sounds like they are super yummy and healthy!

    I have to get me some!

    If I win: I would love the coffee dark chocolate or the rasberry dark chocolate!
    Dorda McDaniel

  10. I have only been diagnosied for a short time and have only been eating things like rice and potatoes with eggs, I’ve had alot of things go crazy last year and into this and have not wanted to deal with my newly found need to eat gluteen free, My last visit to the Dr. and she encourged me to branch out just last week, and then I find your web page and these sound relly good, What a way to start opening up to the new way I need to eat.All the flavors sound good. Thanks for the chance. If I don’t win I’ll have to come back and buy some. My way is getting old. Thank You, Mary

  11. Well, if it were up to me, I would be all over the Raspberry Dark Chocolate, but since I would gift these to my Mom, who has Celiac Disease, I would think we would be looking at the Dark Chocolate, as that is her favourite!

    Funny story, about two years after she was diagnosed, Dad was going out and asked Mom if there was anything he could get for her, she asked for a KitKat bar – which is a chocolate bar with a biscuit in it. Thankfully she had only a little…she likes to point out that Dad bought it for her, he likes to point out that she asked for it and ate it…

  12. holey-moley! These chocolates are fantastic! And they are so healthy, I can actually get away with eating them in front of my husband who is always worried about my chocolate addiction! The mint chocolate is my absolute favorite. It’s similar to an andes mint. It’s so refreshing!

  13. I have all of these chocolates in my refrigerator. I love them cold. -it gives them a little snap to the bite. I like the mint chocolate one the best out of all of them. I’m actually not a chocolate lover but I am addicted to these.

  14. Attune makes good, tasty chocolate. I put one chocolate crisp in my purse EVERYDAY for lunch. can’t live with out it. I also buy the dark chocolate and brake them up into smaller pieces for baking. They are great for chocolate chip cookies!

  15. I’ve picked these up at my local whole foods before. My favorite is the mint chocolate. it’s delish!

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