Celiac Book, Why go Grain-Free on the Paleo Gluten-Free Diet?


Celiac Book Why go Grain Free on the Paleo Gluten Free Diet 1

My purpose in writing this celiac and grain free eBook was to help the many people struggling with body issues that they just cannot get a grip on. I was one of these people for an excruciating ongoing 7 years. At that time, I was wasting money, time and gluten-free was not at all a household name like it is now. I was shooting in the dark as well as many of the doctors and hospitals I was dealing with. I was in sad shape and raising my three kids while feeling weak and ill. Joint and intestinal pain was just not fun, actually pretty horrible.

These days the gluten-free and grain-free diet are both widely known and many people still have difficulty with gluten in general, celiac or not. Many people ask me questions they still do not understand about their body and gluten despite being “lectured” or helped by a doctor or caring nutritionists. I created the book “Why go Grain-Free on the Paleo Gluten-Free Diet” to help those in a quandary and thos struggling. After it’s broad release, I am very pleased to share this news about this very ebook. My publisher and I were extremely pleased to be approached by a top Professor asking to establish this work as a key gluten educational tool at his university and its programs. My very title, Why go Grain-Free on the Paleo Gluten-Free Diet” is now in publication and available in Arabic translation!

With Arabic being the 6th largest spoken language in the world, this translation allows this new education tool to be available to a far greater number of students in their country and ours. Thus, giving many people the opportunity to finally understand this subject easily. This supports and perpetuates my endeavors and my daughter’s (one of my partners in this award winning website for many years), to support others with knowledge enabling them to take their health into their own hands.

Being armed with knowledge and applicable truthful education is really key to life’s betterment. I am honored and undeniably proud to be involved in the expansion of my title. Please read more of the fine details about the University, title and the professor here. You can also get free tip sheets to download at any time right here on my site as this site is here to help and has helped thousands since its inception.

Celiac Book Why go Grain Free on the Paleo Gluten Free Diet 2

As always, you are very welcome to reach out to me or Miranda and ask us any question. We certainly will help where we can. We enjoy referring others like you where you can get proper help, and sometimes it is just a simple solution. My other books are readily available and there are more being released this year, so please stay in touch. If you’d like sign up for our newsletter you can get free recipes that are not always available on my site. Also, my RSS feed (Miranda place symbol here) will give you the weekly updated recipes and news.

We also very much support a non-profit group, Kidsmisdiagnosed.org as they too are helping to eradicate the horrific prevalent and escalating misdiagnosing of our children. With celiac disease as one of those TOP diseases being undetected in young children, babies and toddlers, my daughter and I take their purpose and topic to heart and work diligently with this non-profit group and support others along the same interests. I welcome you to reach to them or ask us any questions you may have if you have any ongoing issues within your family involving children of any age. A family as a whole deserves support and help to thrive. Sometimes it takes a little team of good and educated people to help.

Celiac Book Why go Grain Free on the Paleo Gluten Free Diet 3

As always I wish you a very happy and healthy holiday season.


From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
If you have any questions or suggestions just email me at info (at) GlutenFreeHelp.info.

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