Green Beaver-Gluten-Free Company Review

     We review a lot of gluten-free companies and products, but it isn’t very often that we come across a body product line that is gluten-free.

Green Beaver is a Canada-based company that truly believes in being gluten-free. From kids’ products to women’s lip products, this company is sure to have something for everyone. This company takes pride in making sure their products are certified organic as well. Green Beaver understands that pesticides accumulate in fatty tissue (bioaccumulation) and are endocrine disruptors. As many of us know, repeated contact with even small doses of pesticides can cause build up in the body which possibly can cause immune and nervous system disorders years after exposure. Using certified organic products can be very beneficial for those with celiac or gluten-sensitivity due to our weaker immune systems.

We tested many of Green Beaver’s products. One of our testers fell in love with the Star Anis toothpaste. He said that he had tried other anis(anise)-flavored toothpastes, and they always tasted very artificial to him. Green Beavers Star Anis toothpaste tasted like real licorice!

     Most important, we always want to protect our children. Green Beaver has a wonderful children’s line complete with a bubble bath. It is gentle enough to use on your kids but still gets the job done. The products are all naturally scented so you don’t have to worry about overwhelming scents. We found them to be very light and pleasing.

Some people who are celiac or gluten-sensitive don’t see a reaction from gluten touching the skin, but why take the risk? With your pores opened from the heat of your shower, whatever you use on your hair or body is sure to get into your system. Green Beavers line of body products for adults is no ordinary organic gluten-free line. It also works! I find that most of the body products at my local health food store just don’t get the job done. My hair is left feeling dry and my skin isn’t moisturized well enough.

     One of our testers said that the lavender shampoo and conditioner were just what she has been looking for. The shampoo really cleaned her hair, and the conditioner gave her that deep-conditioned feel that she normally only gets from salon conditioner. She also thought the body lotion was excellent. It is very thick so she wanted me to warn you that “a little bit goes a long way!”

My favorite product of Green Beaver would have to be their lip shimmers. They moisturize your lips so well and leave them with just the right tint of color. Having a gluten-free product to put on your lips is a must. We all lick our lips and eat food throughout the day. We are bound to get any lip product into our mouth.

When it comes down to it, if you are going to be on a gluten-free diet, remember that everything that touches your body can get into your system. Green Beaver has taken the initiative to ensure these healthy choices are readily available to us.

Green Beaver is truly at the top of our list now.


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2 thoughts on “Green Beaver-Gluten-Free Company Review

  1. Some of this information is inaccurate. People with celiac do not have a weaker immune system due to celiac. It is actually an over active immune system, so almost the opposite. Also, it is untrue that gluten can “seep” through your pores in a hot shower. The protein gluten is too large to enter your body through pores in your skin. The problem occurs of you use products and then do not wash your hands thoroughly and ingest it or ingestion occurs some other way. I think that a sight like this should review it’s facts before putting up misleading and untrue information.

    1. Yes you are right celiac disease is an over inflammation of the immunes system, hence autoimmune.

      Studies show that due to many people being misdiagnosed with celiac disease for so long the continued consumption of gluten damages the body and causes the immune system to not be as strong. I actually experienced this first hand being in and out of hospitals.

      You are totally right that gluten is too big to “seep” through ones pores. Many people I know who have celiac disease or gluten allergies cannot have it on their skin either. They end up getting sever rashes, blisters, etc. I receive many emails regarding this. For example, transdermal creams are used very often for hormone creams due to the fact that they absorb through the skin and into the blood stream. That’s why the company “Green Beaver” has made sure to make all their ingredients organic.

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