Mary’s Gone Crackers-Gluten-Free Review

I tested all 5 flavors of gluten-free Mary’s Gone Crackers as well as three flavors of their Sticks & Twigs, somewhat a replacement for your slender pretzels, but with a much more grainy, crunchy, and hearty flavor. I was not all that fond of them and found them to be quite dry and as a result ran a taste test with my L.A. team and a “party” in Florida with over 15 people. The unanimous decision was that they were a bit dry and flavorless.

The round crackers are beautifully displayed and a terrific idea, made with organic brown rice, quinoa, and flax. Again, they were a bit dry, and we found them to be best eaten with a moist topping or spread. The Caraway was the most true to its name in its taste and has the most flavor.

Mary Waldner, founder of Mary’s Gone Crackers, suffered from intestinal pain for years until discovering her pain was the result of gluten, and her son was soon after diagnosed with celiac disease. Mary’s Gone Crackers has been her solution to satisfy the needs of people and her family with a good, nutritious fiber-packed food.


Here is a video review I did on these wonderful crackers:


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4 thoughts on “Mary’s Gone Crackers-Gluten-Free Review

  1. onion I like! It’s like a thin bagel. The Original is ok. I like texture, and has lots of sesame. The Herb is my favorite. It has a good accent of resomary

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