Healthier Without Wheat by Dr. Stephen Wangen, The Gluten-Free Doctor

Author Dr. Stephen Wangen has presented wonderful in-depth research at one’s disposal in identifying if one has a problem with wheat or gluten or not.

With over 10 years in this field, working in his clinic and testing thousands of patients, Dr. Wangen speaks from a position of experience and immense respect for others working in this field as well. He recognizes the need for increased awareness, teamwork, and sharing knowledge.

This incredible book has a significant amount of independent research (cited in the bibliography), shared where applicable to assist the reader with greater understanding and shedding new light on areas possibly unknown.
Conveying a full grasp of the history of wheat and clearing up any confusions regarding wheat, gluten, gliadin, and gluten allergies and intolerances, Healthier Without Wheat then covers the multitude of problems and symptoms in infants, children and adults, all conveyed in clear, concise verbiage, unlike the manner in which many doctors convey knowledge. While this book covers a broad range of topics, each and every one of these operative points is well-written with the readers’ understanding and ability to apply the knowledge in mind.

My highest respect goes to Dr. Wangen for his straightforward approach to clarifying the test available for determining celiac disease as well as the testing for non-celiac forms of gluten intolerance.

In the end, anyone reading this book will have a full understanding of how wheat can affect one’s life and will be able to determine if what is indeed affecting one’s or a loved one’s health and then how to go about addressing it if this is indeed the case. An excellent handbook—buy it, share it, and learn from Dr. Wangen.

Dr. Wangen is also the author of The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Solution and founder of the IBS Treatment Center.

This resource book is given a thumbs up and is very HIGHLY recommended by me to have in every house-hold.

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4 thoughts on “Healthier Without Wheat by Dr. Stephen Wangen, The Gluten-Free Doctor

  1. Hello Tina, thank you for writing this stellar review of Dr. Stephen Wangen’s book. While we have never met Dr. Wangen in person he is very committed to educating about celiac disease and the various forms of gluten intolerance and allergies. He has been so kind to agree to answer reader’s questions on our blog on the first Wednesday of every month, a service that we greatly appreciate given his expertise.
    When I just came across your blog entry on Dr. Stephen Wangen’s book I wanted to point out that questions can still be posted to Dr. Wangen on our blog at We think that this is a great opportunity to ask an expert anything that you’ve always wanted to know and couldn’t find the answer for on the internet.

  2. Dear Dr. Wangen,

    Congratulations on your book on celiac disease entitled, “Healthier without Wheat”.

    I am co-founder of the Greater New Haven Celiac Group. We started fifteen years ago with sixteen celiacs and now we have a membership of 300. We have had the privilege of hearing Dr. Alessio Fasano from the U/Maryland Celiac Disease Research Center five times and Dr. Peter Green from Columbia four times. We just had a vendor fair that attracted 450 celiacs! We have a children’s group with 60 parents of celiac children and have two meetings out of eleven just for the children! We are one of the largest groups in the country!

    I am writing to ask if you would please send a copy of your book so that we can display it on our Library Table. Your book is listed on our “Ten Most Recommended Books”. I have been diagnosed with celiac for 46 years (thanks to going to Yale New Haven Hospital and being diagnosed by Dr. Howard Spiro and Dr. Henry Binder (who is our Medical Advisor). I realize how much celiac groups throughout the country help celiacs. I would not want any of them to have to go through what I went through, feeling so “alone”!!

    If you are interested, please send to:

    Jane Trevett, Co-founder
    Greater New Haven Celiac Group
    46 Richard Sweet Drive
    Woodbridge, CT 06525

    With much appreciation!

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