Gluten-Free- the Sunshine Burger!

I have not tasted these little guys but I would be remiss in not sharing this information with you:

They tell me the Sunshine Burger is one of the only companies that offers a gluten-free, soy-free, vegan and
USDA certified organic veggie burger. Only organic whole food ingredients are used, such as raw ground sunflower kernels, brown rice, fresh carrots, herbs and sea salt, all of which (the company is proud to say) consumers can pronounce. Yay!

They went on to share that Organic Sunshine Burgers come in several flavors: Garden Herb, Barbecue, South West, Breakfast and Falafel. All Sunshine Burgers are fully cooked and browned in the oven and come frozen to preserve freshness.  Sound easy to me!

You can find these burgers at Whole Foods as well as in many other health food stores and co-ops across the country. They have been busy getting their products out for us consumers.

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2 thoughts on “Gluten-Free- the Sunshine Burger!

  1. The Sunshine burgers are my absolute favorite!!! I’m a vegetarian, not eating a gluten-free diet, but heard you interviewed on a podcast and then visited your website. These burgers, especially the Southwest ones, are phenomenal!

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