Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook by Cybele Pascal

The number of allergy-free eaters has skyrocketed, leaving many people in dire need for foods that are not only safe but appetizing, for themselves, their loved ones, and oftentimes children. Allergen Free Baker’s Handbook offers 100 recipes which are free of the ingredients responsible for 90% of the allergens facing our society. If you’re concerned only about artificial and refined ingredients, look no further.

Author Cybele Pascal allows none of that in her kitchen, let alone her recipes. The least tolerated foods are eggs, tree nuts, milk, wheat, soy, fish and shellfish, including gluten, sesame, and dairy according to many tests as well as according to Cybele.

To ease the challenges faced by most families and cooks when confronted with a scene of multiple allergies, Cybele looked over many recipes, making the necessary “adjustments,” and tested these on two strict critics—her two sons, Lennon and Monte. My personal opinion is her two sons approved of 100 recipes with an exact science all of their own—and to a pass—using standards much higher than even my own.

Cybele has gone a step further by taking into account the subject of nutrients and has adjusted each recipe to include healthful flours such as quinoa, sorghum, and amaranth, without losing the flavor and texture of the particular recipe’s “traditional counterpart.”

While sweetness is not a concern for most bakers, Cybele did take concern to use agave in at least 30% of her recipes and substitutions can be made in her other recipes with some testing in one’s own kitchen.

Knowing personally how much goes into cooking and testing recipes, I can give this book a thumbs up based alone on her care and consideration in successfully omitting 90% of the allergens people and families face. The recipes are absolutely delicious, beautifully presented and quite easy to make.

I give Cybele Pascal a  thumbs up for all her hard work and is HIGHLY recommend her book to anyone with celiac disease or food allergies.
Tina Turbin

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