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What would you do if your life was devoted to teaching schoolchildren and you had a perfect, happily-married life, but you were suddenly informed that your first and only child was diagnosed with autism? Well, this happened to Lynn Yeager, and she knew it was a privilege to help her son Jacob to be and reach his personal potential.

In her personal quest for therapies, treatments, and doctors, little did Lynn and her husband know the world of food allergies would have such an intimate connection to Jacob’s condition and a dramatic impact on the future of her life.


Allergies emerged as responsible for a large part of Jacob’s troubles. He had troubles in school and skin rashes which itched uncontrollably and affected his sleep. They started working with a DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor, revealing a host of allergies and resulting in solutions which led to improvement.

A fellow teacher, Janice Copley, suggested to Lynn starting a business to cater to the many needs of other parents of children with food allergies, a need which they both witnessed often in their jobs.

Soon, after much trial and error and taste-test days with their 7th and 8th grade students, Lynn and Janice started their business and opened their bakery, The Cookie Momsters. You can purchase their products online or at their Jacksonville Bakery.

Lynn says she caters to the needs individuals and welcomes calls with special requests. She often will place a serving of organic spinach or carrots in a muffin so a child can get the nutrients without a clue, something which is needs to be done often when dealing with picky eaters.

They deliver frozen cookie dough to your door with full instructions and optional recipes for each dough. I for one took their double chocolate chip dough and made cookies, brownies, and a bundt cake. See the video here:

Please be sure and freeze your cookies soon after they cool if you won’t consume them, as they will harden. Lynn suggests freezing a few per zip-lock baggy and pull out one bag at a time as needed for your child. They thaw out chewy, moist, and delicious.

There are many “No”s in their ingredients. You can be allergic to just about anything and be able to eat The Cookie Momsters products. Be sure and call or email or place an order at:

Remember they will happily accommodate special needs.

Jacob has helped the lives of many people with his diagnosis, and Lynn feels he’s the light of her life. Lynn has also been allergy tested and is now gluten- and casein-free herself.

This company, Cookie Momsters is on my HIGHLY recommended list.

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