What on Earth is Celiac? by Diane Jacobs


Author Diane Jacobs is ensuring people become well-informed about “What on Earth is Celiac” through her eBook of the same name.

With a complete, downloadable reference guide containing informative chapters on the history of celiac disease (CD), children with CD, symptoms, and much more, anyone can have the fruits of Diane’s labor, research, and compilation.

It really is a handy guide for newly-diagnosed celiacs and a tool to share with anyone else, even simply as a reference in one’s arsenal of books and data to help one’s own family and friends understand the disease.

You may go to Diane’s site, www.celiacdiseaseinfo.org, to download this 50-page gem. You can also read about the many other wonderful things this oman is doing and her delicious country-style gluten-free cookbook.

Click here to read my enlightening interview with Diane Jacobs.

About Diane: Diane Jacobs was diagnosed in 2003 with celiac disease and has dedicated herself to sharing information about celiac disease and also about the benefits of eating and cooking wheat and gluten free. In 2005, Diane created her own website: http://www.celiacdiseaseinfo.org; in 2006 she self-published her first edition of her Ebook: What on Earth is a Celiac?; in 2008, her cookbook: Delicious! The Very Best of Gluten Free & Wheat Free Cooking, a Homestyle Recipe Collection for Celiacs and Wheat Sensitive Folks” was self-published both at the website and at Amazon.com: .

Then in 2010, she created her food blog: “Gluten Free Foodie Heaven”: http://www.glutenfreefoodieheaven.blogspot.com.

Diane speaks to community groups and organizations about celiac disease and about how to comfortably (and fabulously!) and survive as a person who either is required to or desires to eat gluten and wheat free.  She also makes appearances on TV programs cooking gluten free and has been featured in local newspaper articles as well.

Prescott, Arizona Courier article: March14th, 2010:

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6 thoughts on “What on Earth is Celiac? by Diane Jacobs

  1. I love to read about GF authors. Thanks for featuring Diane Jacobs. I will be picking up her cookbook as well as reading her ebook.

  2. I read Diane’s ebook and it’s really fantastic. Comprehensible and down-to-earth. Highly recommended.

  3. when i came here i assumed it was going to be filled with boring info, but really it came out to be really interesting. good job!

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