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brazi bites

It’s always nice to come across a new up and coming gluten-free product. Especially one that requires almost no cooking or baking effort on my part. Time is precious and with my busy schedule I find that I have less and less time to make a homemade meal.

Bread is something just about everyone loves. Restaurants know it. They bring you a whole basket of it with each meal. Obviously being celiac lowers my ability to “have that dinner roll” or “ snack on some bread while waiting for my meal”. That’s when Brazi Bites come into play. With their three unique flavors, original cheese, cheese and bacon and cheese with fire roasted jalapeño ( my favorite).

braze bites jalapinoBrazi Bites Cheese Bread Snacks go straight from the freezer into the oven for about 20 min and vuallah ready to serve. They would be a perfect item for a dinner party or to pare with your bowl of soup for lunch. Crisp outside with a fluffy inside and small enough to justify eating a couple. Brazi Bites are truly a must have stocked in your freezer. They are certified gluten-free so you know they are safe for anyone with celiac disease.

I cut out grains from my diet a while back almost 100% to follow a more paleo type diet for my immune system. Brazi Bites are grain free and you would never know it! They taste delicious! I made some Brazi Bites for a dinner party. Nobody was celiac but me. Everyone loved all the flavors.

Brazi Bites were created by Junea and her husband Cameron. In 2009, Junea became homesick being in the US so far away from her home in SE Brazil. Calling home for a delicious family recipe of cheese bread to ease her sadness came the start of the Brazi Bites. After switching in different cheeses and flavors until the recipe was perfect Junea and Cameron knew they had to share their product with everyone!

You can find Brazi Bites in many stores all over the US using the sites store finder. Keep an eye out for them in the freezer dept at your local grocery store or request them from your store’s manager.

Enjoy every bite of your Brazi Bites!

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