Food and Company Review: Kitchen Table Bakers

100% pure cheese, crispy, delightful, fun, salty, and delicious. My taste testers and I all agreed these cheese crackers were full of flavor in each and every bite.

These gluten-, wheat-, and sugar-free  “crisps” are all made with zesty parmesan cheese in nine flavors: aged, sesame, Italian herb, garlic, jalapeno, flax seed, rosemary, everything, and their latest release, “minis.”


As a celiac with a sensitivity to dairy, I tend to stay away from products like these. However, Watching my staff bite into these crisps with their oohs and aahs, I had to give them a try, too. They truly are, in each and every bite, bursting with flavor and life. I absolutely loved the rosemary crisps and feel their “minis” release is more in the right direction in taste as well as in the packaging. The minis are about the size of a quarter, whereas the others are the size of a large cracker, three inches in diameter.

These crisps are the perfect accompaniment to a bottle of wine or dip or broken up on top of a salad, or alone. They really do not need a thing to improve their flavor as they actually will alone enhance any food or drink.

Barry Novick started this company all on a simple search for foods to eat on his diet and a desire to leave his position as a hospital administrator. Playing around in the kitchen with his wife, he came up with the perfect recipe which all his friends devoured and nearby stores were just as fond of. Orders were aggressively placed, and the rest is history.

Kitchen Table Bakers has a wealth of accolades from the finest magazines, numerous TV shows, and prestigious food awards. The most discerning food and beverage buyers across the country have these crisps on their shelves. Word is spreading.

Now the company has made it easier to try their products online on their website, .

I think I’ll summarize these crisps as “elegant with a kick of fun” in each and every bite.

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21 thoughts on “Food and Company Review: Kitchen Table Bakers

  1. They look delicious. I would probably have to share them with the family! 😉 I have tried to keep things for myself before and it never works!

  2. I have had the original (plain) Kitchen Table Bakers crackers and they are delicious! I would love to try the new flavors. In addition to sharing them with my family, my husband and I entertain a lot and I would definitely serve them to our guests. Also, I have a group of friends that meets weekly for knitting and whoever is hosting provides snacks. I know they’d be a big hit (and then maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll buy them too, to serve me when I go to their homes!)

  3. These crispy crackers would be wonderful with soup or with a nice dip. I’d share them with my sister and brother-in-law since my brother-in-law has celiac disease as well. We dine together often and are always sharing ideas for good gluten free food and snacks.

  4. I plan to eat whenever I want a snack. If they are lucky my non gf familymembers will get to share unless I like the snack too much! In which case I will hide them stricly for myself.

  5. These sound so yummy! I think I would serve them to my unsuspecting non-GF family and friends if I can manage to share!

  6. i would serve these to EVERYONE because they are so yummy. i bought a package for myself and ate them all before i could share them with anyone — all the flavours are GREAT.

  7. I would serve these to any of my friends who came over…especially the non-gluten free friends, so they would see how wonderful gluten free can taste. I’d also be sure to send them to school as a snack for my daughter with celiac disease.

  8. I would serve them with fresh salsa, bean/corn dip or fresh vegetables. Normally I share my goodies with family but recently learned of a woman in our church who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and would like to share a good find with her.

  9. I love their entire line and have them frequently in my pantry. Here’s what I think of my favorites:
    Garlic: all can say is wow!
    Italian herb: these really taste amazing
    Jalapeno: spicey and cheesy! These would go great with salsa
    Rosemary: brilliant flavor, I can see it!
    Sesame: the lightest of the line. These are nice!
    Everything: can’t quite put my finger on it… ‘cause it just ends up in my mouth.
    overall I think these are an amazing idea: cheese crisps: I think each flavor is amazing and so unique

  10. I am in love with this company! I have none right now to enjoy but the picture above is definitely mouth watering! The Aged is a wow! Soo tasty. I can put this in soups. The Everything is also a wow! So much flavor. Nice and garlicy! The Sesame is very light tasting. Great to mash up for breading. The Rosemary: the rosemary tastes wonderful with the cheese. The Jalepeno: has a mild spice and a little kick. The Italian herb is very delish.

    What a wonderful line! I love the variety. These are good with soups and salads.

  11. I love the Parmesan! it’s: mmm! Very cheesy. Would taste great with veggies and or meat. The Everything is tasty! I enjoy the onion flavor! Sesame is a very yummy little cracker. I like how you can really taste the rosemary in “Rosemary”! Just delish. The Jalapeno has = just a little “kick” of pepper –good! The Italian herb – the herbs are so tasty! The Flaxseed is simple and healthy- tasting. And Lastly the Garlic. love the garlic, a strong but tasty flavor. Overall I think these are tasty and healthy – I like them a lot!

  12. I had the delight to go to a taste testing event and try all of their wonderful flavors. I saved my info and here they are:
    • Aged: I can’t get over that it’s just cheese. Taste better than cheeseitz
    • Everything: don’t even need a dip. So flavorful
    • Sesame: kind of plain
    • Rosemary: strong flavor of rosemary
    • Jalapeno: I can’t taste the jalapeno
    • Italian: I can’t taste the difference
    • Flaxseed: good stuff. I like the flaxseed
    • Garlic: oh my favorite one! Yum
    Overall: kitchen table bakers are good. I like not eating bread or tons of potato chips. Cheese is a great substitute.

  13. They were so delicious that I felt like I was cheating. They were so crispy I felt like I was having a very tasty cracker.

  14. Truly, truly delicious in every way! I enjoyed these with red wine and also served them at a couple of dinner parties, and to this day, whenever I have a glass of wine or staring at a table of hors-oeuvres, I ask, “Where are the cheese crisps???”

  15. You know, it’s so hard to choose a favorite flavor but I think the Italian herb stood out to me as particularly memorable, but seriously, folks, if you haven’t tried this product, it is an absolute MUST. I have had nearly every flavor and I have been beyond satisfied with them all.

  16. I depend on these cheese crackers to satisfy my late-night “sweet tooth,” believe it or not. I dip them in some sweet mango salsa and the salty, tangy, savory taste makes me forget all about my obsession with bad-for-you ice cream. The protein in them makes me really feel like I’m doing something good for myself!

  17. I actually ate these a few times, since I found them in the refrigerator at my mom’s house, and I really had no clue they were only made of cheese. I couldn’t believe it when I found out! They are an exceptional product…really gourmet. It feels like you’re really treating yourself to something special when you eat them.

  18. I guess what I really like about these snacks is how filling they are. I mean, you’re eating cheese, after all. But SO much better than cheese. Still, as filling as they can be, it’s hard to put them down!!!

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