Gluten-Free Dessert- Calling all Mint Lovers

I have a new absolutely favorite dessert. I feel like I am in the snow and eating clean bright snow as this ice-cream touches my tongue. This magic is the Decadent Coconut Milk Mint ice-cream from Turtle Mountain. No casein and no dairy!

Tonight I was on my way back to my studio in the car, fighting no traffic as my husband and everyone else in the USA ( or so it seemed) was tucked behind the TV watching the SuperBowl. I stopped for a few necessities, such as a dessert to dive into before walking the puppies when I go there. I have tried Turtle Mountain’s Chocolate( delicious) and Vanilla, as this is what my husband always gets us. Tonight it was my choice. I never knew they had Mint! My hubby has been holding out on me. My oh my! How did they know MINT is my absolute favorite ( besides a delicious GF carrot cake with thick cream cheese frosting). I then stopped for a quick meeting with their manager at the Health Food store discussing a GF event I will do and then I had to stop at one other store for another necessity, not so glamorous as a dessert- for Swiffer Sweeper wipes. The puppies are forever tracking in dirt everywhere from the yard with a smile as if this is their job and I appreciate all their hard work.

Anyhow, I got home about 35 minutes after grabbing that little pint of yum- my mint ice-cream. I opened the top, I knew it would be slightly melted but what the heck. Ice-cream is good no matter what. Well, let me tell you, it was perfectly creamy, soft-serve style and the best darn ice-cream I have had in years. No dairy reaction ( all coconut milk) and no sugar shock. It was so minty and had this large very thin shavings of  curled chocolate all throughout. Oh my, I can not even describe the experience and I was not even hungry, so that gives it even a greater rating.

This is not a technical food review. This is a moment of bliss that I am still on a high from and had to run in to my studio and share this with you. Please do yourself a favor and take a moment for yourself one day and give this a try. Let me know what you think.

The company has a number of other types of ice-creams but this is by far the BEST one for any mint lover, like me.

Tina Turbin

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