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After my personal success with Bio-K+, which has their home base in Canada, I reached out to find out more about this company.

Bio-K+ started with two people and a vision, which all merged into a reality. Dr. Francois-Marie Luquet and Mr. Claude Chevalier met over twenty years ago at a dairy industry conference and discussed the health benefits of probiotics. Fast forward many years and their paths crossed again. Dr. Luquet shared his new strains of acidophilus with healing and health benefits. A company evolved.

Dr. Luquet is by no means new to this business. He brought many years of research and development with him from well-known names as Dannon and Activia. This new “strain” and concept was new, unique, and allowed the strains to live in high dosages before getting to work in the body, unlike its predecessors.

Each product contains a proprietary type of L. acidophilus and L. Casei. I was well-informed each behave different—acidophilus more antibacterial, and L. Casei more antiviral, yet when together they can antagonize one another. Bio-K+ has developed a way these strains can survive together, in the manufacturing, in combining, and in refrigerator storage—all until it reaches our system, producing effects well-documented over and over in individual, clinical, and hospital studies. Nothing comes close to these studies in what products I’ve tested and what I’ve read thus far. I am impressed.

The company currently has less than sixty high-quality people in the facility itself overseeing the two-week process it takes to make each and every batch. Currently it’s available in soy (mango flavor), original (unflavored), and fruity (pineapple and vanilla flavor), and soon a rice-based vanilla will be available.

Bio-K+ has a minimum of 50 billion L. acidophilus and L. casei per 3.5-oz. little bottle. Compare for yourself—nothing comes close. I was also sent (and you can read on their website) a number of clinical results and hospital testimonials. The company’s products are superior, and so is its staff.

Note: It was explained to me that the number CL1285 after the name Bio-K+ simply indicates the specific C strain and is just arbitrary, but that the strain is unlike any other available.

This product is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended and I will be on the radio with BioK PLus as well as an supporting an product give-away for four days.

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8 thoughts on “Gluten- Free Probiotic Product- Bio-K Plus

  1. Enjoyed the show. I know what you mean about getting exposed to
    contaminated foods. I don’t have the disease, but my Mom and sister
    do. My Mother has been accidentally exposed to gluten a few
    times…once by me! (that was embarrassing…) and once by herself –
    she ate a KitKat bar about two years after her diagnosis. She plum
    forgot that it was loaded with gluten.

    I am glad to hear that BioK+ helps with that. For me it helps with
    recurrent UTI’s. I have no idea what the connection is, but my issue
    has proven difficult to diagnose, but gets cleared up when I take
    BioK+. So, hey, if it works, I’ll do it!

  2. Colleen,
    I don’t know if you’ll actually read this since it has been quite a while since you originally posted, but with the sounds of recurring infections, I would definitely research Candida if I were you. And as for introducing beneficial bacteria, you might want to have more of the good yeasts that can actually kill off the bad ones like candida albacans. Those good yeasts can’t actually be found in the Bio-k Plus formula, although the product is good. Have a look at this website for a product made by two wonderful women in Colorado: The product is made from raw, cultured coconut water so it’s gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, vegan, raw and packed with TRILLIONS of living beneficial bacteria and good yeasts. It’s as low as $9.99 a bottle in some retail stores and you can get up to 30 servings from a bottle depending on how much you want to take (as little as a teaspoon still has hundreds of trillions). Glad to hear you’ve discovered probiotics as a healer and good luck!

  3. Many thanks for posting this content, I used to be trying to find it all over the internet and solely found a good degree of data in this article.

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