Dr. Oz, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Dr. Peter Green Expose the Celiac Epidemic!

The topic of today’s Dr. Oz Show (airing across the USA) will be on celiac disease and the gluten-free diet, and an amazing story of a woman who lost 80 pounds as a result of cutting out gluten, with special guests Dr Peter Green and Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  Visit the show website here and be sure to check your local listings (available at the website) so you don’t miss this highly informative show.

Dr. Peter Green, as many of you know, is the Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University Medical Center and one of the most outspoken and highly-respected professionals in his field.  Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a daytime talk show host who is well-known for her efforts to raise awareness about celiac.

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2 thoughts on “Dr. Oz, Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Dr. Peter Green Expose the Celiac Epidemic!

  1. First thing to remember here is this is a toxic poison, now you have to ask your self why the arsenic levels are higher now than they were previously?????? because until recently in the past they removed the core area of the apple to KEEP THE ARSENIC FROM THE SEEDS OUT OF THE JUICE

  2. Hello Tina, I am glad to see many nutritionally sound recipes on your web-site, especially the desserts. I am sure that you have seen the recipes in Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s G Free Cookbook. I can only wonder why that book was approved for publication. When a recipe calls for white sugar, sorghum flour and margarine and is specifically geared to celiac patients, who are already nutritionally compromised, I have to wonder. This is just gliadin free junk food. It makes no sense for a celiac patient to eat any grains whatsoever. That is a small price to pay and no you do not have to feel deprived.. Many patients who are non-responders, do respond when grains are removed in totality. It is not a mystery. They should also understand the mechanisms that are involved in a hyper permeable intestinal tract. Dr. Alesio Fasano from the University of Maryland’s Celiac Research center makes that abundantly clear. Forget what conventional, allopathic medicine believes on this very important subject. They are 21st century dinosaurs.

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