General Mills Listens to Calls For More Gluten Free Products

As a children’s author of then Danny the Dragon series, writer and researcher in the area of gluten free I am overwhelmed with joy to know one of our well known cereal companies is willing to listen to our calls for help and change.

I now really wish more food companies catering to our kids will follow. Many food companies have the marketing, the bells and whistles to attract kids’ attention yet they do not care about the present or long term health of our children. It is not right, it is not ethical. Awareness of gluten sensitivity, allergies to wheat and dairy to name a few and celiac disease are on the rise.

The good news for families is this:  Strawberry Chex, Corn Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex, Cinnamon Chex  are beginning to appear now on grocers’ shelves, and they will be widely available across the country. More great news is, Chex website will be updated with a menu of delicious, gluten free recipes made with crunchy Chex cereals. Can you believe it! This is great news folks!

What prompted MORE flavors on the shelves? Listen to what Adrienne Daniels, Chex marketing manager shares “Innovation and strong consumer insight prompted the reformulation of gluten-free Rice Chex a year ago, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive; in fact, our consumer services hotline has been flooded with calls and comments from thousands of happy Chex fans. For the first time, people looking for a tasty, gluten-free cereal can shop the main cereal aisle at their market without paying a premium.”

Our calls, our interest our strong intention to make our needs known is what makes these types of changes occur. Chex has been involved in sponsoring more awareness to this disease and is helping set an example to other companies yet to open their eyes. Thank you General Mills.

Also, Chex is a proud sponsor of the Celiac Disease Foundation, and for the second consecutive year Chex will be the lead sponsor of the upcoming CDF Annual Education Conference and Food Faire, Saturday, May 2, 2009 in Pasadena, CA. The event draws people of all ages who are interested in learning more about how t Corn Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex, Cinnamon Chex help to manage celiac disease and the gluten-free lifestyle. More information is available at


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