Great Celiac Videos- Great Group!

Do you want a good group you can rely on to learn more about celiac disease? Want a REAL GOOD public service announcement on celiac disease to refer to people and learn a bit more?

Go to  As a children’s author, writer and researcher I am honored to be a contributing writer on their Newsletter sharing helpful information, recipes and some product research results. I only connect up with groups I feel are worth my time, who help others and get results. This is one of them.

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  2. Gluten and Celiac?

    Did YOU Know / Have you been told?

    That if YOU suspect that You have a Gluten InTolerance / Celiac Disease Do NOT begin a Gluten Free DIET until You have been Medically Diagnosed ( See below ).

    IF …
    You would like information regarding the Self / Personal Use Of a Self Test / Finger Stick Kit That will test you for presence of Celiac AntiBody … Contact

    FDA Approval Status? In the Works but used extensively World Wide by Medical Communities to Screen for Celiac Disease …
    And this Test CAN be obtained for Personal Use… NOW!

    Why Wait? Your Celiac Disease and HEALTH Will Not.

    Research indicates that Children will visit 6 Pediatricians BEFORE their Celiac Disease is Diagnosed… WHY?

    ALSO Allergy Mothers of allergy Children Who wish to Take the FEAR Out of FOOD (i.e. Eat a Peanut = Trouble for their Child Need) only visit their Primary Care Dr. for an Insurance covered, FOOD Allergy Blood Test.

    Once Test ID’ed, you receive a Custom FOOD allergy DIET Plan Suggesting FOODs to Eat, Not Eat, Restrict and Reintroduce. All based on EACH Patient’s unique Test Result.

    The SAME Blood Test CAN be used to Identify YOUR Child’s Offending Seasonal and Year-round Enviro Allergens … with Neutralization via Child Friendly, Drug FREE Immuno-DROPs ( Think SHOTs But No OUCH !) Which Neutralize the SOURCE of Your Child’s Test Identified Offending Enviro Allergens / Allergy Disease.

    STOP! A Lifetime of Medicating Your allergy SYMPTOMs While your Enviro Allergy Disease Continues / Exacerbates UnAbated …

    Leading EACH Sufferer on a LifeTime, Slippery Slope of “Allergy Driven” diseases ( allergic ASTHMA to Name One ), recalcitrant Health Issues & compromised Quality of Life / Poor Self Image.

    YES You CAN take ALLERGIES Out of Your Child’s Future …

    Best Health and Wealth


    Celiac Information:

    Serology ( Blood testing ) as well as Biopsy requires the presence of antibodies to gluten.

    A gluten-free diet reduces circulating antibodies thus compromising a proper diagnosis. There are no clear guidelines for a proper gluten challenge to ensure sufficient circulating antibodies for a positive result; some individuals requires 1 month, other years.

    Key Take HOME Message!
    With 1 in 100 being affected, Rule out Celiac Disease Before going Gluten-Free — Regardless of Rationale.

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