Kids Fun “Ice Cream-Sicles”

Ice cream-sicle


Your child’s favorite ice cream (as much as you prefer)
*OPTIONAL: gluten-free chocolate


1. Freeze your ice cream to a firm level.

2. Oil your cookie sheets.

3. Shape your ice cream into fun shapes, yet be sure they are 1 3/4″ – 2″ thick. Cookie cutters are good to use to get the basic shape, but be sure to make them thick enough!

4. Stick a popsicle stick 1/2 – 1/3 of the way up the middle. If the ice cream has softened a bit too much at this point, place the cookie sheet in the freezer before sticking the popsicle stick in.

5. Place back in freezer with sticks in them.

6. Wait 30 minutes.

7. Enjoy Kids Fun “ice-cream-sicles”.


1. Melt gluten-free chocolate of your choice (semi-sweet or dark) in double boiler or in microwave.

2. After Step 6 above, remove popsicles from freezer and dip in semi-warm (NOT HOT) chocolate.

3. Place immediately back in freezer upright (make a little stand) for 20 minutes.

4. Time to eat!

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  1. Very nice, Tina.
    That Waffle cone look very nice for a summer, like we are having in Buffalo, NY.
    It is very hot and humid up here in the Great Lakes.


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