Tina’s Florida Cupcake Party – A Warm Thank you

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This is a lovely “thank you” card sent to me from a child that had attended one of my fun and exciting monthly Gluten-Free Cup Cake Parties, generously sponsored by Pamela’s Products and Nature’s Food Patch in Clearwater.

And an equally lovely note from his mother.  Enjoy!

Dear Tina,

Thank you so much for including us in your cupcake party Saturday!  It was really cute, when we got home from your place, Bodhi (my 4-yr old, who you met at Spring Valley School) was actually reading Danny the Dragon!  So Tristan picked up the book and got to the part where they are all eating dinner together, and he said, all matter-of-factly, “Danny the Dragon eats healthy.” I responded with, “yes, and his author, Tina Turbin, eats gluten-free!”, and just as matter-of-factly and straight-faced, he responded, ‘yes, true’. You could not have planned it better!

Then Sunday night I was telling Shane and Tristan that Monday was a holiday (their school started today, Tuesday), and that the four of us (Shane, Tristan, Bodhi and I) would have the day to play, so I asked them to think of some fun things to do on Monday.  Shane got all bright-eyed and exclaimed, “I know, we can write Tina Turbin a card thanking her for Saturday!”.  Oh Tina, just what every mom wants to hear, an un-prompted desire to write a thank you card!  And that’s what fun thing he wanted to do on our day off!  So I am enclosing that card – it looks like both boys drew you scenes of a Pokemon battle – quite an esteemed gift from their point of view!

It was wonderful to see you, and thank you again for including us.  I went to a dinner party Saturday night and must have told about 15-20 people about it, and gluten, and did the same today when I returned to work, so I am defnitely spreading the word.  Even Allen (my hubby) was telling people about it at his office yesterday, and he wasn’t even there!



From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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