Winners of the Grainless Baker Giveaway!



It was a true pleasure for me to taste-test, review and promote the wonderful Grainless Baker products (read my rave review at my Gluten-Free Review Page), and now I’m even more delighted that the winners of last month’s GlutenFreeHelp giveaway will have the opportunity to taste the heavenly Grainless Baker carrot cake and coffee cake.

Here’s what the winners said:

“What a wonderful website! It is just as valuable for us more experienced folks as it is for the newly diagnosed! There are companies, products, books, and recipes I’ve never heard of in eleven years of being strictly gluten-free, and resources for all ages! This website has something for every aspect of living gluten-free for everyone,  and Tina is a Blessing, giving of her time to improve the quality of life for those of us who have Celiac Disease and our loved ones!”  Vicki Jones

“I am delighted to try the cakes….loved the Grainless Baker items at the GF food faire.” Caroline Bleuer

“Our family is absolutely thrilled to have won this past month’s GF give-away from The Grainless Baker! My French husband and two young autistic/sensory boys are already dreaming of enjoying real cake again and I am inspired to try to bake more of my own GF cakes and pastries as well. It is a godsend to find supportive, informative resources like Tina Turbin’s website. Her stories, resources, and recipes help me continue to expand my GF repertoire of not only baking, but also learning how to navigate this new gluten free life. My mother and father, also both recently diagnosed, will be thrilled to share in these new discoveries as well. Thanks again for helping give us hope of a more “normal” life as well as savoring such a sweet surprise!” Thank you, Jessica Denhez (and the extended Denhez family…)

“That is FABULOUS news! I am absolutely THRILLED to be a lucky winner of this month’s Grainless Baker Giveaway! Mmm…I can hardly wait to taste the delicious coffee and carrot cake with my friends.  A BIG thank you to Tina for creating the website and all the hard work that she does!!!”  Judith Daley

“I am excited to win the coffee cake and carrot cake from the Grainless Baker and Tina Turbin.  2 of my 3 kids have recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease and I, the super Mom, have been trying to make it painless for them.  It has been painful! Recently we had a graduation, and both girls’ birthdays, and I really tried to make cakes for it all.  Turns out, I have some things to learn!  I am so excited to get these cakes that are already made–surely they taste better than MY concoctions!  I have found the website to be a valuable tool with easy recipes and a lot of information I need to know in dealing with this disease!  Thank you for the prize….I am sure it will get eaten up quickly!”  Michelle Noonan

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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