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A bi-family-owned company, Foods Alive has created a set of flax crackers which are in essence a “live food snack.” These dehydrated, certified organic golden flax crackers now come in eight flavors which my taste tester teams in L.A. and Florida tried. It was determined that they’re a true snack oozing health and flavor.

All the crackers are made with golden flax seeds and all other ingredients are not only certified organic but they’re gluten-free, kosher, and vegan. It’s now sold all over and in many Whole Foods stores.


Couples Michael and Ellen and Matt and Tammy united in business after a change of hearts about nutrition and taste around the same point in time. Ellen’s experimentation with flax crackers in her own kitchen was to fill a void after visiting the tasty raw buffet at the Creative Health Institute in Hodunk, Michigan. They all agreed these crackers had potential, so in 2003 Food Alive introduced their first line of delicious, fiber-filled raw flax crackers.

In 2006 Michael felt golden flaxseed had a superior taste to the brown flaxseed and decided to press it. Tammy started producing flax oil salad dressing, and Michael played with a combination of herbs and spices to add to the oils. I love the “Mike’s Special” Salad Dressing, which is a blend of paprika and garlic. It turned my plain salad into a gourmet dining experience.

In my testing kitchens, we taste-tested Foods Alive eight flaxseed cracker flavors, and 2 of their 3 oils, and they were superior in texture, flavor, and raw food energy. We also favored “Mike’s Special” Salad Dressing.

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4 thoughts on “Food and Company Review: Foods Alive

  1. The Maple and cinnamon is delicious. The Garlic and paprika is good! Kind of like vinaigrette dressing. The Sweet and sassy has a really refreshing taste. Pretty good company! Their oils are good

  2. I like the spiciness of the Mexican harvest and I use the Hemp one in my salads. The celery in the hemp oil is great!

  3. wow! The Mexican harvest cracker has soo much flavor. The Maple and cinnamon is very light and good for snacking
    I think it’s a great line! I love the variety and they are all so surprisingly very flavorful.

  4. I love the onion and garlic in the “Onion garlic”. It’s my favorite!
    The “Mike special” oil really adds to whatever you put it in. I love this company’s oils!

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