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Shabtai’s misson is to create allergy-free desserts, allowing their customers to feel at ease with any dietary restrictions they may have. Shabtai offers cakes, cookies, cupcakes, rolls, and more. They specialize in gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, casein-free, peanut-free, and dairy-free products and are very proud to have created so many bakery items that appeal to so many people.


Shabtai started his bakery over 30 years ago, and to this day his gluten-free line is in over 600 health food stores nationwide. Andrew, his son, is instrumental in sales, and so is Cindy (also known as Cinderella), Andrew’s mom, who also traverses the country attending numerous celiac support groups and health food conventions.

The GF Seven-Layer Cake looks and taste like the “real deal,” the Ring Ting Cupcakes are for anyone who enjoys Hostess Ding Dongs, the Gluten-Free Lady Fingers were used in a tiramisu recipe with success, and the gluten-free brownie bites were the perfect size to satisfy any sweet tooth.

You can simply order any of their products through their website with convenient shipping.

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13 thoughts on “Food and Company Review: Shabtai

  1. my twin girls have peanut/nut allergies and oftentimes feel left out at bday parties, etc. The rainbow cake from shabtai really solves this problem though — hands-down it looks terrific with the delightful rainbow colors, plus it’s moist and delicious! It’s pre-cut so it’s convenient to take along with me where ever I’m going… perfect!

  2. This company is wonderful… I’ve always enjoyed the products and the fact that they adhere to my strict kosher diet. Recently I introduced them to my daughter. I can’t believe my 6 yr old loved the raspberry roll. She usually doesn’t like “fruit-based” products but what a joy as a mom to know that I can give my child relatively “healthy” treats. 🙂

  3. Can’t beat the organic brownie bites from Shabtai! Once you start eating them you can’t stop!

  4. A recent gathering of friends was the perfect opportunity to share the Shabtai products… chocolate chip cookies, assortment of cakes, etc. was a complete hit! Adults and picky child eaters alike enjoyed everything. Thank you Tina for posting this info about this company that deserves much recognition.

  5. Thank you for this review!!! These are the best non-allergen kosher items I’ve ever tried. Hands-down it’s difficult to find a product that truly tastes delicious while strictly adhering to dietary guidelines.

  6. Terrific products! Pleasantly surprised with how delicious and flavorful and moist the raspberry cake was. In my experience, whenever I see the terms allergy-free, I automatically think that the product won’t taste good. Well Shabtai passed the test!

  7. Hi Tina! This is a really good company. I always get them when I’m craving sweets. The rainbow cookie is delicious and one of my favorites. I love the Brownie bites! I like the crust -nice touch to taste buds. The Ring Tings- leaves a ringing of joy in my mouth! Overall, great company. Wish I had some right now!

  8. I’ve tried a lot of these sweets before. They are very comparable to the sweets we had growing up like Twinkies and other hostess treats. thankfully all of Shabtai is gluten free! so I can relive my childhood! The Rainbow Cookies are my absolute favorite. They are very moist and delicious! I pick up the Ring tings too. They’re sugary and delicious for those chocolate lovers. I’m such a sucker for chocolate and I love the brownie bites! not too sweet and addictive!

  9. The Apricot roll is very light and fluffy. The pastry part is the best! I feel like the Chocolate chips had a bit of a spice to them! I liked the cinnamon in these! Tastes like Mexican spiced chocolate! I’m actually not gluten-intolerant but my wife is. I tend to eat her brownie bites all the time. Can’t taste the difference between gluten free and non-gluten. 5 stars to this company!

  10. Wow! The Rainbow cookie is a real “junkfood” without the health repercussions. It’s pretty amazing! I’ve also picked up the brownie bites, which I love.

  11. I thought the lady fingers were great! They melt in your mouth. Definitely my favorite from this company!

  12. Ugh! I am salivating just looking at those pictures! My kids and I have been looking for a new good sweet-treat we can both enjoy. I’m checking out their website now. Thanks Tina!

  13. Hi Tina! Where can I find the Tiramisu recipe that had used the Lady Fingers? I would love to try that

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