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Can you imagine a sublime brownie-meets-truffle without overpowering sweetness and presented as a piece of art? Well, you can now indulge in this vision in your very home.

Gotta Eat Sweets provides for those with allergies, embodies the aesthetics of Japan, tempts the palate with the finest European chocolate, and has been inspired by the eco-friendly movement. Two unique women united on a golf course to marry their individual talents to produce Truffipops and Truffibites. Oh my, it is truly “food-art,” as I have termed it.

Truffipops & Truffibites

All the ingredients are made from scratch. Gotta Eat Sweets roast their own organic nuts, create their own brittles and fruit rinds, grind their own butters, and puree their fruits for their multitude of fruit flavors. You won’t find chemical names listed in any of their ingredients—ever!

The presentation arrived in an earth-tone box with a peek-window on the top, all tied with a satin brown ribbon. I opened the box to behold my first sight of triangular Truffipops. Each unique, large “pop” was perched on a carved bamboo stick. Included were the Truffibites, in well organized bags with fine details of handmade truffles about 1 inch in diameter. I tenderly opened the first bag and had my first bite of Truffi-heaven, unlike any I have ever tasted prior to this moment.


Each flavor of “pop” or “bite” satisfied a taste I didn’t even know I had been longing for and was healthy, lightly-sweet, and beautiful. Search no more for gift-giving ideas! I can’t say enough about this company, these two women, and what they offer—quality, beautiful gluten-free delectables, offering seasonal choices and an abundance of flavors, not one alike. My LA taste team FULLY agrees.  Click the following link to watch the full video/review of Gotta Eat Sweets.

Tina Turbin

This FEATURED food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by award-winning author Tina Turbin and founder of Truffihearts from Gotta Eat Sweets is her February 2010 give-away on the Contest Page.

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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9 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Food and Gifts : Gotta Eat Sweets

  1. I got a chance to taste a majority of all of the flavors and they’re so incredible. i can’t believe it’s gluten-free. Overall, I love this company! They are so beautiful and amazing tasting. you can really tell that the ingredients they used are very good quality. Here’s what I thought about a few of my favorite flavors:

    -Green tea pistachio: the flavor is outstanding! It’s so exotic and I could tell it was green tea right off the bat.
    -Hazelnut dark chocolate: mmm! Like Nutella but healthier. This one did not last long! I gobbled it all up
    -Passion coconut milk chocolate: This was so exotic tasting! It was perfume-y in the mouth and tasted amazing!

  2. They were really good. I had to watch myself on eating too much because they were so hard to put down. I’m not usually one for sugar, but these were so good!

    The Green Tea Pistachio was like Christmas in China in my mouth! It definitely stands out! I like the lemony, zesty taste of the Passion Coconut Milk Chocolate and the Toasted almond White Chocolate really tasted like marzipan.

  3. I really liked this company. The Hazelnut and dark chocolate tasted like a Ferrero Rocher but i know it’s healthier. The green tea pistachio was very pleasant. I think it has real character.

  4. I tasted a lot from this company and only have great things to say!

    I like the tang of the cherries in the Cherry dark chocolate. The Toasted almond white chocolate was pretty good. The Espresso dark chocolate one was good also. It had a very strong coffee flavor, which was nice. My last favorite was the Peanut butter milk chocolate which tasted like a peanut butter cookie!

  5. Everything that I tasted from Gotta Eat Sweets was hands-down delicious. I equate their products to the “treats” version of wine – because as you savor each bite, you notice a different flavor whether it’s chocolate, nuts, something bitter, something salty… truly delicious!

    I even got a little bit creative and broke up pieces of the Truffipops and sprinkled the pieces over granola and mixed fresh berries and milk into it; and I also tried it with yogurt. The Truffipops definitely made the snack taste better!

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