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Dedicated-facility-ingredient certification, routinely-tested, gluten-free-delicious in every single Nonuttin’ bite! Now, that’s a mouthful, but we all are raving about Alana Elliot’s various Nonuttin’ products with our mouths full of these delicious treats. They are all made with very fresh ingredients and full of flavor from healthy ingredients.

The granola bars are as good as the “real deal,” and the granola clusters are full of flavor as-is or enjoyed as a supplement a yummy dessert.


The packaging is totally adorable, kid-friendly in appeal, and anyone young or old will not only get a kick out of eating these treats but will feel as if their little craving has been fully satisfied.




Alana created recipes in her kitchen to satisfy the needs of her two kids who have multiple allergies, beginning with her granola bars. Word spread, her kids are thriving, and the family is thoroughly enjoying sharing these delicious treats with others in our homes.


We found their line to be full of flavor and to taste like our long lost “gluten-loaded” treats  from the past- much better than the  granola bars you’d pick up at 7-11 as a quick pick –me-up- get the No-Nuttin Trail Mix instead. I must mention their dried fruits is loaded with FRESH flavor. This line has a terrific amount of fiber which always comes in handy.



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Tina Turbin

This food company is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended.

Tina Turbin

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10 thoughts on “Gluten-Free and Scrumptious – Nonuttin’

  1. I have to say that the Nonuttin’ line of granola bars sort of broke my son’s distaste for bars. before trying these he would have NEVER wanted a granola bar in his school lunch box. But he liked these so much and asked for more, so that now he gets 1 bar on a daily basis. Thank you Nonuttin’!!

  2. Great review… what stands out to me about the delectable granola bars and granola clusters are how super-moist they are! I’m used to many GF bars being a bit hard and “cardboardish” but the Nonuttin’ line is quite delicious.

  3. my 3 kids are such picky eaters but thank goodness they are fans of the Nonuttin’ energy explosion trail mix. On the way to soccer practice it’s perfect: they each pop open a bag and eat up the yummy combo of soy nuts, chocolate pieces, cherry bits, etc… it’s perfect and practical – especially for young athletes!

  4. Our world of gluten-free products has really come a long way, and as a person that eats a strict GF diet, I truly appreciate a product that tastes good in addition to being good for you – Nonuttin’ comes under that heading… all of their products are mainstays in my household and so glad they’re getting the recognition they deserve in this review!

  5. What an incredible review!!! I’ve been a Nonuttin’ fan for years and just love their line of trail mixes. Such a relief from the typical raisin/sunflower seed mixes, nonuttin’ incorporates such exotics as soynuts and other fun items, and the granola is perfect with yogurt or milk or heck GF ice cream for that matter.

  6. I love these! My favorite is the raisin bar. I think it’s perfect for snacks and it’s light, nutritious, and you can bring it with you anywhere. It doesn’t taste too sweet and sugary. Fabulous! I would give them to my kids.

  7. I really enjoy their line of granola bars! My favorite is the double chocolate chunk. I am super addicted to them! They are so light and crispy and i don’t feel like I ate a sugary breakfast cereal bar. I’m not disappointed at all and to prove it, you can look in my kitchen cupboards!

  8. I feel like these granola bars are such a special treat when I eat them! They are so soft to chew and I can probably gobble one up in one bite. I carry these around with me everywhere. Whether it be nature walks, school, or even when i’m taking a break -I always have one handy. They are so healthy AND gluten free! It’s great with my wheat-free diet.

  9. This company is so great! I only wish that I can find them more locally, like my local Safeway or Albertsons. They would be such a great hit! Parents are always looking for a healthier alternative for their children and these granola bars are perfect to stick in their lunch box or to have as an afternoon snack. I always stock up on boxes when I’m shopping at Wholefoods. I give them an A+!

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