A Hand For Haiti

Lauren is a gluten free teenager, with a passion for good food and a care in her heart for those in Haiti!

“After all, that is what this is about: selling ebooks to donate money to Haiti. All proceeds will do to the Red Cross.  The Canadian Red Cross that is.  You see, I am Canadian so it only makes sense to donate to this one.  Also, it has been in Haiti for many years, so they will be able to use the funds to help as in the best areas possible.  And here’s the really important part: the Canadian Government will match all donations received by February 12th, that are marked for Haiti Relief (as I will be doing to these).  They are matching donations made by individuals as well as those made from fundraisers for Haiti (like this ebook) by schools, businesses, social groups (that is what I believe we are, as blogging is a community of people, in this case coming together around food), etc.”

Lauren started it all in January 2010: “I don’t know how long it will be, or how much work it will take, but it will happen.  Relief is being sent there in bundles now, and in a few weeks, they will still need clean food and water.  Medical support will still be saving lives. Currently, some of the “big” bloggers are getting together to make a cookbook, but I’m sixteen.  With that said, if you’re a blogger, send me your favourite, most loved recipe that makes you feel at home with an email subject line of “Haiti Ebook” to mail at celiacteen. com.  Please also include a picture!  The recipe does not have to be gluten free.  It can be a baked good, a meal, a breakfast, a treat, anything.  Whatever it is though, make sure it makes you think of home.  They lost theirs, so a comforting dish is the best way in my eyes!”

The project is complete- Help support Lauren’s Cause.


Tina Turbin

From our home to yours, Tina Turbin
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