Cooking with Quinoa

Quinoa, pronounced KEEN-wa, although considered to be a grain, is a seed with a delicious nutty taste packed with protein. In fact, it’s a complete protein, which means it has all of the nine essential amino acids. For people on a gluten-free diet, it’s a great gluten-free source of protein.

Quinoa is prepared in the same way you would cook brown rice, one part quinoa to two parts water, for about twenty minutes after the water comes to a boil. Avoid overcooking it in order to keep the flavor and texture palatable.

You can prepare it for breakfast, adding the same finishings as you would such as maple syrup and nuts, or as a lunch or dinner item, serving it cold as a sort of salad or warm with vegetables in place of rice.

Search my gluten-free recipes page for lots more ideas on cooking with quinoa!

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8 thoughts on “Cooking with Quinoa

  1. I just recently tried quinoa by itself and I really liked it. Since I enjoyed quinoa flour in my GF mixes and in my pastas I thought who knows, maybe this would be good by itself. I made it for breakfast and then I had some left over so I mixed the rest into my salad for lunch. I would recommend soaking the quinoa overnight to let it sprout and making sure it’s very well-rinsed before cooking it. I’m lucky someone gave me these tips because otherwise I would’ve been clueless!


  2. It’s definitely time I start making quinoa again. I swear I’ve been seeing it all over the internet! I used to eat this years ago, ironically before I was on the gluten-free diet, but I have been strictly eating omelettes every morning and frankly I’m just tired of it. Quinoa can be really delicious, especially when you mix in some raisins, cinnamon, and a little plain yogurt. It’s like oatmeal but really good for you!

  3. Hi Tina I am glad you’re recommending quinoa. It’s one of my favorites. I never cease to be surprised by the number of people on the gluten-free diet who still haven’t tried actual quinoa. They’ll use quinoa flour or eat quinoa noodles, but they actually haven’t a clue about quinoa itself. Boy, are they deprived!

  4. You can get a bag of quinoa for VERY cheap and it’s gluten free too at Costco. I really like this brand a lot (I don’t know the name offhand but it’s the only quinoa they have). It always turns out well and I think it’s also organic too.

  5. I’m new to your blog and I just wanted to say so far so good! I am a big fan of quinoa. I literally eat it EVERY DAY. My favorite thing about it is that it keeps me full for a very long time, which you wouldn’t expect because it looks like couscous and doesn’t seem to be very substantial. I also like that you can use it in a large variety of dishes by just adding different seasonings and ingredients. I have it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in very different ways.

  6. Seriously you can do ANYTHING with quinoa! I make a quinoa carrot cake and I also like to make curried quinoa. So so so good. If you have rice regularly, you should replace it with quinoa because it’s waaaay better for you than rice! It has so much more fiber and protein and other stuff too! It also leaves you very full and is a food in itself. You can’t eat a bowl of rice and consider yourself fed, but you can have a bowl of quinoa and have your complete protein and not need to eat again for a couple hours!

  7. Hi Tina I personally love quinoa and I just wanted to share with you and your readers a little recipe of mine for curried quinoa. I heat up some yellow onions and garlic in a medium pot and add about 2 tbsp of curry powder and stir this around for a bit, then I add a cup of chicken broth and a cup of quinoa, bring these to a boil and let it simmer for 20 minutes. It comes out delicious! You’ll want to add some salt to taste too.

  8. @Dan Thanks so much for your recipe! I followed your suggestion and I thought it came out really, really good. I can eat this instead of rice from now on as a side dish and I even had it for breakfast this morning and even though it had curry and onions and garlic my body really liked it!

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