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In my work as an author, researcher, and gluten-free advocate, I search for ways to help manage a gluten-free lifestyle. In this search, as awareness about gluten intolerance increases in the United States, I’m finding that more and more companies are committing themselves to serving the gluten-free community. One such company, RC Fine Foods, a food specialty supply company that stands out for their top-quality products, offers a gluten-free line to restaurants and large kitchens as well as to the individual gluten-free consumer.

RC Fine Foods is broadly known for their superior-quality products since 1977, supplying products to restaurants, spas, hotels, and cruise ships, as well as to individual consumers. Recognizing the needs of the gluten-free community, they now have at least four products, which I tested along with my field testers and staff, to the conclusion in my food review that, “The quality is superb and the taste is like ‘homemade.’”   This probably has something to do with that fact that the products contain fresh and preservative-free ingredients.

Among the products offered in the gluten-free line are RC bases available in chicken, beef, and vegetable as well as the RC Instant Food Thickener, which can be added to the bases to create delicious, thick sauces and gravies. The company also offers GF coulis mixes, which can be used in sauces for desserts, as plate garnish, or in fruit vinaigrette dressings.

I had the opportunity to interview RC Fine Foods Corporate Executive Chef (CEC), Anthony Todaro, after testing three of their soup bases as well as the unique food thickener. He informed me that their products are available through Redi-Base for the home consumer at www.RediBase.com and supplied me with some gluten-free recipe ideas.

According to Anthony, “we do not guarantee or warrant that [the products] are gluten-free because we do not lab test them. Our plant does contain gluten and [products] are segregated by allergen in our warehouse.” Thus, the issue of purity from gluten is “something your readers would have to determine for themselves.”

RC Fine Foods is a family-run business that has grown to fill its own 48,000-square-foot headquarters in New Jersey, manufacturing over 250 items. They offer recipe ideas on their website and kitchen tips to their larger accounts. Although CEC Anthony says that future GF product development is “on hold,” gluten-free consumers can profit from the wide variety of uses and recipes currently available to them for the GF products that the company does offer.

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  1. So happy that you’ve shared RC Fine Foods on your blog. I completely agree that this company’s products are gluten-free gourmet at its best. I looked for years before finding tasty ingredients for my sauces, gravies, and soups, and now here it is!

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