Betty Crocker’s Four GF Mixes

Why did Betty Crocker decide to go gluten-free? Many people may assume it was a business decision to make more money due to the fact that gluten-free is becoming a fast-growing commodity. Actually, what happened was that two young ladies in the Betty Crocker business world found themselves suddenly in the gluten-free world—one diagnosed with celiac disease and the other forced to adopt a gluten-free life in her home for her child’s health. With these abrupt changes, the women were faced with the very obstacles we are faced with, yet they worked aggressively in the “gluten world” on a day-to-day basis. Facing these obstacles, they soon collaborated on the idea of serving the needs of a whole community with needs like theirs.

I’m delighted to say, it was a great idea. Their four GF mixes are quite good and easily adaptable to many recipes, which they also offer on their site. The facility for manufacturing these items is a dedicated GF facility as well as Kosher. What’s more, the products are priced a lot lower than our usual GF foods—yay!

Betty Crocker currently carries a great GF chocolate brownie mix (hint: we added GF chocolate chips and nuts), GF Devil’s Food Cake Mix, a GF Yellow Cake Mix (good for making a carrot cake!), and a GF chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

I have to say they all were delicious, but I did find that while the cookie mix did turn out good cookies, they quickly harden if not bagged while still slightly warm. My suggestion is to air-seal the cookies while warm, if you hope to have semi-soft cookies. They also reheated to a soft texture in the microwave the following day.

You can currently call (800) 446-1898 Monday through Friday 7:30 am to 5:30 pm CT to inquire about any of their products or recipe ideas. Great customer service!

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5 thoughts on “Betty Crocker’s Four GF Mixes

  1. I was a little nervous about trying Betty Crocker’s GF products, since I remembered their other products from my pre-celiac days SO fondly, and I didn’t want to be let down. I was anything but let down! I think they’ve done a great job here and highly recommend each one of these mixes, especially the brownie mix!

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