Chemical Food Dyes and Hyperactivity – Part 1


Chemical dyes are in all types of foods and despite evidence of some of them wreaking havoc; the FDA has allowed them to remain on the “safe list”.

Manufacturers like to use them due to their capabilities to enhance foods, gums etc.  The results are vivid, consistent and very appealing.

The FDA monitors the production of nine synthetic color additives they consider safe.  Consumer advocacy groups have linked two of these dyes, Red 40 and Yellow 6, to hyperactivity in many children.

It is said that sometime in late 2010 the European Union will require any product containing these dyes to be labeled as such “May have an adverse effect on activity or attention in children”.  Some companies in Britain have already phased them out.

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3 thoughts on “Chemical Food Dyes and Hyperactivity – Part 1

  1. Oh man what IS good for our kids, you know? Sometimes I feel very apathetic about the whole thing. But I figure if you just give your kids whole foods and organic when possible you’ll be fine. Like apple sauce, or freezing natural juices to make delicious popsicles, homemade fruit salad. These all taste great, are pretty easy to make, and are less expensive than name brand stuff with food coloring and stuff like that.

  2. Hi Tina you’re right about this for sure. There are a lot of natural ways to color foods that I don’t understand why this is so popular. Actually when I say artificially colored foods they gross me out. Does anyone else have that reaction? I mean, it’s not natural. It’s like eating plastic or something. I don’t see the appeal. My kids love our healthy treats from Whole Foods and we make our own cookies and granola bars and sweet treats at home without using artificial or chemical additives and they hardly ever ask for the unnaturally colored stuff at grocery stores.

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