Gluten-Free Dining Out Made Easier

Do you manage or own a restaurant and need help adopting a gluten-free menu or GF options? Are you celiac or gluten-intolerant and looking for local GF eateries or restaurants along the way on your next road trip?

Well, do I have a website for you to check out!

The Gluten Intolerant Group of North America (GIGNA) has created the groundbreaking and convenient Gluten-Free Restaurant Awareness Program (GFRAP).

How does it work? Over 1600 independent and chain restaurants participate in the program, each one receiving “extensive” publicity and resources for creating GF menus and GF menu options.  Gluten-free diners benefit, too! Just go to, click on “Find a Restaurant,” type in your zip code, and voilà! They can also find out special information about the restaurants they choose and even give feedback after their dining experience is over.

To sign up, owners and managers can fill out an online application available at GFRAP’s website, For more information or a quote, call 253-218-2957 or e-mail for more information. Prices start at $100 with the Basic Level certification—the first of three levels of accreditation.

With 8 to 10% of the U.S. population currently on a gluten-free diet, and 96% of them brand-loyal, gluten-free restaurants are sure to attract increased patronage. What’s more, we have GF and non-GF friends, too!

I’ll definitely be visiting for our next road trip. Thanks, GIGNA, for this wonderful program!

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8 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Dining Out Made Easier

  1. Please note that in partnership with the GIG, AllergyEats restaurant listings will display the GFRAP logo next to all associated restaurants in a geographic search of allergy- and gluten-friendly restaurants (as rated by peers). We can be found at

  2. I had NO idea that 8 to 10% of Americans were on the gluten-free diet! That’s so many! I’m really glad to hear that. It makes sense though since the fastest growing sector of the food industry is gluten-free foods.

  3. hiya tina i’m brand new to your blog and I just wanted to say really like it so much. you seem to have new reviews, recommendations, news, recipes, etc. almost every day and stuff that really appeals to me. this gluten-free restaurant awareness program is wonderful. it’s one of the first i remember coming out and it continues to not disappoint!

  4. I love this program and their website is very simple to use. I hope they come out with an app soon! I’d love to be able to access this easily on my phone while I’m on the go. I’ve already emailed it to them and suggested it. Fingers crossed!

  5. I like their program a lot because it’s not just a list but they try to get more restaurants on board with offering gluten-free menu options and teaching them about cross-contamination. It’s one thing to list out GF-friendly restaurants but quite another to change the face of American dining!

  6. This is one of my favorite restaurant searching websites, but I have to say I like to use apps now. Gluten Free Ultimate Solution is the one I’ve been using most. It also has GF recipes, which I really like to have because I get bored of foods very easily and like to try new ones as often as possible. I usually eat out at work and it’s a pain to get to a computer compared with just taking out my iPhone and doing a search myself. I highly recommend the app to people. But still the GF Restaurant Awareness program is a very good site and from what I understand it was also one of the first, so it really has my respect for that!

  7. Is there anyone else out there who HATES to eat out gluten-free? I used to eat out a lot, but once I began the gluten-free diet I started cooking at home and got to be pretty good at it, I have to admit. Now when I go out to eat, I feel like it’s a hassle. I hate explaining things to them, and paying all that money, and then the stuff on the menu that sounds amazing is never ok for me to eat, and the stuff I CAN eat I could probably make better at home. LOL! Maybe you guys don’t agree, but I’d rather eat at home whenever I can!

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