It Say’s it’s Gluten-Free so Why Did I get Sick?

Many of you have probably run into a time where you ate something that said it was “gluten-free” only to find you get a gluten reaction to it. Why is this? Unfortunately, any company can write that their product is gluten free as long as it doesn’t actually contain a product with gluten in it. The problem with this is these products may actually contain a bunch of gluten. How does this happen? Cross contamination. Many factories, mills and facilities produce products that contain gluten and ones that don’t. This causes the “ gluten-free” products to be at a high chance of getting gluten in them.


How can you tell if something is actually certified gluten free? There is only one way. The official GF symbol can only be placed on products that are officially certified as gluten-free. This means they were tested and were certified as having less than 20 ppm of gluten in them.


This doesn’t mean to count out all products that aren’t certified. Many smaller companies do not have the funding to get their products certified. This is just information you all should know if you ever consume something that says its gluten-free yet don’t feel so great afterwards.


You can read about a very informative test that was done on products that were said to be gluten-free here.


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