The Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Co.

The delicious treats of the Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Co are now available everywhere, yet the facility is tucked away in South Florida, founded by nutritionist Randi Rakow.

The company offers a variety of cream canoe cakes (Twinkies), cookies, and brownies. It was like the good ole days. While enjoying that creamy vanilla filling inside either a chocolate or vanilla cake, sitting by the pool, I was reminded of the pleasures of the past.

I never indulged in sweets all that much as a “wheat-eating” child, but there were certain days I couldn’t help myself–I can’t deny it, nor can I deny the satisfaction of biting into that fluffy, little gluten-free version of a Twinkie™ nor the feeling of pleasure that the Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Co was in touch with my childhood favorite and had supplied me with a gluten-free version of it.

Did I share it with my taste-testers? You betcha. The eyes were rolling back, the tongues were licking, and I was not the only one brought back to childhood putting my finger on the GF version of a Twinkie™—the cream canoe cakes.
Needless to say, we proceeded to try the brownies, which were rich and very chocolaty, just how anyone would enjoy their brownies. The mint chip flavor was good, but even though I’m an absolute mint lover, I can’t say that it was my favorite flavor, and the rest of the group agreed.

All the products are gluten-, dairy-, nut-, and casein/dairy-free. You can even order some items vegan. (The canoes are only gluten- and dairy-free.)


The Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Co assures no preservatives are in any of their products. They ship their products bake-fresh, and to maintain their integrity, they ship four items per box. They use cold packs in the appropriate months, and according to the company, the products all freeze very well.

So indulge in a childhood favorite by trying some of these products from

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7 thoughts on “The Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Co.

  1. Hi Tina this company is one of my wife’s and my favorites of all time. We were huge twinkie fans before our gluten-free days, and the Gluten Free Cookie Jar canoe cakes took us right back to those indulgent days…

  2. Oh my these pictures look fantastic, especially the brownies (my fave)!!! I am going to order these right away!

  3. Last Christmas I happened to come across some brownies from The GF Cookie Jar and I remember being totally blown away by how authentic they tasted. I always meant to order more, but I forgot the name of the company. Thanks for reminding me of it in this review!

  4. I can’t even believe how delicious this company’s products look in your pictures! I am ordering some “twinkies” right away!

  5. My package from The Gluten Free Cookie Jar Baking Co. arrived today after I ordered this last week when I saw your review. It was like Christmas day! Those canoe cakes are DEElicious!

  6. I ordered the chocolate chunk cookies last week. By far the best gluten and dairy free cookies I have ever had!
    Gave some to my kids and they loved them!
    Thanks for the great product review! The gf cookie jar rocks!

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