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There seems to be a number of sites on travel.  Karen reached out to me to share a bit about her travel site and here is her story as well:


I launched a website almost exactly two years ago to address this specific challenge: traveling safely on a gluten-free diet. My son, who was diagnosed with Celiac before he was even two years old, is now almost seven. We had taken a Caribbean vacation and had realized there wasn’t really any place to share our feedback with other Celiacs looking to plan safe and fun vacations with gluten-free family members…and few places to go to GET feedback when in the initial planning stages of a trip.

Two years ago I launched my own gluten free website to help people find restaurants, grocery stores, hotels/resorts, and cruise ships around the world that accommodate gluten-free diets. It is a review-based site, with dining and travel reviews submitted by people all over the country — and the world. We have over 800 reviews, and they are organized geographically to make it easy to access the ones most relevant to you. In fact, we just added new and improved search technology to allow users to narrow their search down to the city/town or zip code level — and map the results.


We also have a section of our site called Gluten Free Restaurant Menus ( ) dedicated to listing some of the best national and regional chain restaurants with gluten-free menus (with direct links to those menus).

So all told, our site helps users find thousands of great places to safely dine gluten-free around the world. I hope you’ll find it useful Tina!

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Tina Turbin



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3 thoughts on “Traveling Gluten-Free Site

  1. When there are so many gluten free websites out there of such a high quality, I know it means a lot to say a website is THE BEST when it comes to gluten free travel, but I feel truly is the best out there. I am a very active gluten free traveller and I have found this site to be so tremendously helpful. Glad to see this website being highlighted on your blog, Tina:-)

  2. Hi Tina I really like the reviews on, as they’re usually incredibly detailed and informative and you know they were written by real people with a knack for the written word. It’s really exactly what I need to read when I’m looking at staying at certain hotels and resorts. That’s why I really like–the reviews are soooo helpful and they have a HUGE bearing on whether or not I buy a product! Same thing with this website when it comes to my traveling.

  3. One time I went on a super amazing gluten-free travel site with really helpful, detailed reviews and then I couldn’t find it again. Then I visited this link and what do you know? This was it! I’ve found it again thanks to you Tina!

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