Life After Bread: Get Off Gluten and Reclaim Your Health by Dr. Eydi Bauer, D.C.

Dr. Eydi Bauer was finally diagnosed with celiac disease after 20 full years of experiencing intestinal problems, joint pain, fatigue, menstrual troubles, depression, and anxiety. Removing gluten from her diet immediately restored her health after troubles which had started in her mid-teens. Dr. Bauer became dedicated to helping others and is now a holistic doctor and chiropractor in Mendocino, California as well as the author of Life After Bread.

Her book goes into detail explaining brain chemistry balance and its connection to the gut. She shed light on the fact that depression, the inability to feel clear-headed, blood sugar instability, and more, are related to gluten’s effects in the gut.

In her book Dr. Bauer emphasizes that testing is extremely important and proper. She explains in detail stool testing and freely shares the labs she trusts and why.

An interesting point she mentions is the uncanny similarity among her patients who come in experiencing joint pain and the inability to exercise. Many started “feeling” the pain with a particular exercise program or routine or even exercise injury. All were found to have either celiac disease or gluten intolerance and once off the gluten were pain-free and could exercise without the resultant pain from there on out.

Life After Bread is an excellent book for anyone, especially readers new to the possibility of being celiac or of gluten affecting their life adversely. Dr. Bauer shares a lot of very helpful information to assist anyone in gaining a greater understanding of gluten and the ramifications it may have in one’s own body.

This resource book is given a thumbs up and is HIGHLY recommended by me.
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