Celiac Resource Guide by Julianne Karow

Author Julianne Karow’s husband was diagnosed with celiac disease, opening their eyes to a world unknown to them before the shocking day of the diagnosis. Walking out of the doctor’s office without guidance, living in a small town with no active celiac groups, Julianne was at a loss. She was the cook and grocery shopper in the family.

Her sleeves rolled up, she gained determination to satisfy her husband’s palate. Her awareness of the the world of gluten-free increased measurably. Along her journey to becoming educated about gluten-free, she realized the need for a resourceful book for the celiac community at large.

Julianne has done an incredibly good and thorough job of organizing all manner of gluten-free needs any celiac or gluten-intolerant individual will need. Some topics covered are: physicians, medications, online discussions forums, cookbooks, online grocery stores, and so much more.

Her details are well-researched and appear under item clearly listed. She leaves out nothing! One chapter I found most interesting was travel. She covers hotels and specific chefs, as well as yachts and celiac travel clubs. I was left with so many options and a desire to travel now, rather than the common travel regrets so many of us celiacs are left with.
Her chapter on food company links makes it extremely easy to do time-saving shop online. Not only did Julianne list out the company, address, link, phone number, and e-mail address, she concisely describes the company’s main products, saving a lot of Internet research.

Julianne went onto start a celiac support group and has co-hosted celiac and food allergy food expos. She has perfected the art of GF cooking, refers to many of her resources in her own book, and you can bet she’s satisfying her husband’s palate these days.

Julianne’s book, Celiac Resource Guide, is a wonderful addition to any celiac’s GF book resources, which we all seem to accumulate.    This resource book is HIGHLY recommended.
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  1. I actually just finished this and it really is one of my favorites–and I’ve read a lot. Does anyone else have anything to recommend? What about a resource guide written for kids?

  2. Do you have recipes with only nut flours, buckwheat or coconut flours.
    Or do you know how to substitute them for other flours?

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