Encourage Your Celiac Child to Share his Gluten-Free Cookies

How do you increase gluten-free awareness and make your gluten-sensitive child feel special among his non-gluten-sensitive friends and relatives? Bake for occasions for which your child can share his gluten-free cookies with others. This will give children the pleasure of not only baking their gluten-free cookies but also of giving to others.  You should encourage your celiac child to share his gluten-free treats with his classmates and teachers. Contact teachers at the beginning of the holidays, and let them know your child’s dietary needs and ask if there will be any class parties that you and your child could prepare gluten-free goodies for. This way, your child can bring in cookies or other baked goods for the class and focus on sharing his own treats rather than on being excluded from others’ goodies. With the recipes that are available these days, there is no doubt that your child will impress his classmates with his gluten-free cookies. When going to relatives’ houses for dinner, bring along a plate full of your child’s gluten-free cookies that he baked for everyone to enjoy.

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  1. Awww a great tip. Makes the kids feel so special to share their very special baking creations with their friends who always LOVE them!

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