Gluten Whiplash Explained by DR.O (VIDEO TOO!)

Going gluten free can be a saving grace for many. However; a common clinical manifestation called Gluten Whiplash occurs for many who do not go TRUE gluten free.

Gluten Whiplash typically occurs 3-6 months after starting a gluten free diet. Let me explain. When one initially goes gluten free, a state of dietary distress and confusion sets in. Many limit their diets to an extreme because they are not quite sure what to eat. The typical gluten free version diet learning curve takes 8-12 weeks. This is because one must spend enough time educating themselves about acceptable products, restaurants, etc. During this time, the body starts to heal and most people do very well noticing dramatic improvements in their health.

Once the learning curve is conquered, people tend to gravitate toward the processed, packaged “gluten free” food items. People tend to get lazy and make the choice of convenience over health. BIG MISTAKE! This is where Gluten Whiplash tends to set in.

Let’s take a look at why:

1. Processed and packaged food is not healthy. Eating unhealthy foods leads to poor health (I know, this should be a no-brainer).

2. Many over the counter packaged foods contain cross contamination of gluten.

3. Many of these products contain other types of grain based glutens that have not been adequately studied to be safe for those with gluten sensitivity.

4. Most of the processed substitute products contain genetically modified grains, high amounts of sugar, and are Gluten devoid of any significant nutrient density.



I know that many of you reading this can relate. I have personally seen this phenomenon clinically in more than a thousand patients. If you happen to fit the profile above, or if you are just not responding to a classic gluten free diet, you may just be a victim of the gluten whiplash effect.

Dr. Peter M. Osborne

Dr. Osborne is Diplomate with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition.  He specializes in the treatment of chronic disease and is the clinical director of Town Center Wellness in Sugar Land, TX.  He is the founder of, a website dedicated to teaching confused consumers about gluten and going gluten free. and

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  1. Very interesting! I had never heard this term before, but yes, this is absolutely true! I’d love to hear more from Dr. Obsorne.

  2. Thanks Tina this was very good to read about. My daughter was just diagnosed with celiac disease and so we have a long way to go, but this article was really helpful

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