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If there ever was a gluten-free company that deserved a positive review its Redwood Hill Farm. Redwood Hill Farm has been family owned and operated making their products from the heart since 1968. All of their products are natural and organic.


Many with celiac disease or a gluten allergy also don’t do well with many or all cow products. My mother, Tina Turbin who has celiac disease, stays as far away form them as possible. Redwood Hill is a goat company. That’s right, a good old fashion goat farm! Very happy goats too! The love and care they give their goats make me wish I was one! These free range goats get all the love and shelter they need while also living in an environment that allows them to feel like natural wild goats. You can taste the difference. If you have ever had regular butter before and then had butter from a happy, healthy, free range organic cow you can taste the difference completely. The same goes for the Redwood Hill products.


One of my brothers was born intolerant to dairy. This meant we always had goat’s milk in our fridge. He loved it, I hated it. I thought it tasted like rotten milk. This made me very hesitant to try Redwood Hill’s products. I did not want that rotten milk taste in my mouth when I was 3 and I didn’t want it now either! I bit my tongue and went for the plain kefir. The one thing that I for sure thought would make me plug my nose to swallow. I was so surprised! It tasted great! This gave me the nudge I needed to try more and more of Redwood Hill’s products. I can without a doubt tell you that there wasn’t a single item I tried that I wouldn’t buy myself to eat regularly. I am a “dairyaholic”. I do fine with dairy so why would I ever give it up??? I now use Redwood Hill’s goat kefir daily in my morning protein shake.


Thanks to all the amazing staff at Redwood Hill for keeping up the good work and setting such a great example of how a farm should be run.


If you don’t see Redwood Hill Farm products at your local grocery store and need help finding them take a look here.


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