Food Review: Better Batter Gluten-Free

(I am not paid or given any incentive to write one way or the other. What you are about to read is from me to you, my honest opinion.)

Three products and over 10 recipes – that’s Better Batter Gluten-Free.

My testers and I cooked our own 9 dishes out of the 3 mixes and found them very easy and the final result very satisfying.

Their website offers a variety of recipes, which are unlike most you’ll find.


The gluten-free flour mix is very light and can be used in cupcakes, breads, yeast breads and much more.  The pancake and biscuit mix was lightly sweet, fluffy and again can be used in a variety of ways.

Now let’s talk about the gluten-free fudge brownie mix.  You can make fudgy brownies, cake-like brownies – add a variety of ingredients to your liking such as nuts or chocolate hunks.  Whatever you do you can not make this batter taste bad.  It’s too good to start with.

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Naomi Poe started this company after her 1½ year old son was in unsuccessful therapies for autism.  The test came back positive for gluten enteropothy.  Six weeks later he was taken off the ‘spectrum’ for autism.

One year later 2004 her new baby boy started to exhibit signs.  He too was tested positive.

Just six months later her husband was tested and he carried the genetic link to celiac.

Naomi was tired of the expensive mixes and the tasteless food and began experimenting.  She really desired her mom’s old fashioned recipes and was determined to come to a solution.

Working hard as usual and pregnant, one day Deb’s water broke and she knew she had another calling—motherhood. She stayed on as part-owner of the Board of Annie’s, in 2002 stepping aside from Annie’s as she devoted more time to enjoy motherhood. She continued to work on many projects—mostly helping others with their companies. Expanding companies is truly her forte.


Better Batter products are a result of her determination and hard labor over flours and ingredients.

Currently all her products are manufactured in a secured dedicated facility in Spenser, NY.

This food company is given a thumbs up, and I HIGHLY recommended it.

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10 thoughts on “Food Review: Better Batter Gluten-Free

  1. Oh my goodness…your pictures are always so appetizing-looking, but that oozing chocolate cake looks absolutely divine!!!

  2. Thanks so much for this review. I just loved hearing about Deb’s background. It makes these companies so much more personal!

  3. Thanks Tina for sharing this wonderful company with your readers. I consider Better Batter to be among the best out there in the gluten-free world.

  4. I have been using Better Batter for about a year now, and I find their mixes not only delicious but EASY. It’s perfect for my busy schedule!

  5. If I won Better Batter products and they were delivered to my home I would make a dinner and have friends over to eat and to share the gluten free dessert with me. =) All of it looks so yummy!! Thanks!!!

  6. I would love to try Better Batter. My daughter has celiac and our whole family is GF. I’m always on the lookout for new GF products and I just heard about this one the other day. Unfortunately they don’t sell Better Batter in my state, Nebraska, yet. So I’d love to try their products before I take the plunge and order 25 lbs of flour from them!

  7. The Brownie Mix are gluten free brownies I can now enjoy. No strange aftertaste! I’ve also tried these as a vegan mix with black beans. wow, it’s the best vegan thing I’ve tasted.

  8. The Brownies…as the directions on the box are very chewy and delish. Not too sweet.
    I made a Vegan alternative with half of the batch. I added 7.5 oz black bean puree to half of the batch. Not bad! Very moist and delicious.

  9. Brownies: has a oily (not bad) moist quality. Its good would be good with whipped cream
    Vegan: good for vegan. Really surprised

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