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Tastes Like Real Food, founded in 2007 by the Bosking family of Cedar Rapids, Iowa was purchased by Gluten-Free Trading Company of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a Midwestern family-owned business. The brand’s mission is the same, however—to help celiac and gluten-intolerant people enjoy GF foods that taste great!

Perhaps you’re familiar with the Toro brand baking mixes, imported from Norway, which are known in the celiac community to have an incredible taste and texture.

The Gluten-Free Trading Company will be using the Tastes Like Real Food website to launch two new baking mix lines, Happy Kitchen and Easy Cake. Check them out at: .

HAPPY KITCHEN Home Cafe Supreme cake mixes are supposed to have a super-moist texture, and they’re wheat-free, gluten-free, and milk/casein-free and are sweetened with natural cane sugar and made in a dedicated gluten-free facility.

EASY CAKE Instant Microwave Cake Mixes are a super easy way to bake gluten-free—in a microwave oven! Cakes take only 3 minutes to prepare and come in two flavors, Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Frosting and Vanilla with White Chocolate Frosting. I recommend these mixes for kids to use themselves, with your supervision of course.

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  1. Mmmm looking forward to trying the Happy Kitchen line…I’m always on the look out for MOIST GF cakes. They are the best!

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