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Coffee Blocks

Fat is actually good for you. I know, it’s crazy but it’s true. All these low fat this and low fat thats have done nothing for our society’s health. Fake butter, fat-free yogurt, the list goes on. Our bodies actually need fat. Our brain needs fat to function! But, what kinds of fat? Good fats. I am talking avocados, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, ghee, olive oil, animal fats (yes the best part!).

If you are like me, you live for that morning cup of “Joe”. This brings me to Coffee Blocks. High energy, fat filled coffee. Coffee Blocks has found a way to incorporate that daily ritual called “coffee drinking” with those healthy fats I talked about without compromising taste. One thing that really stands out for me about Coffee Blocks is how my body reacted to it. Usually when I drink a  cup of coffee I get a good hit of energy but then I crash. Your body metabolizes the coffee rather quickly. Great for a quick pick me up but I like lasting energy. Coffee Blocks handles this coffee crash problem. By adding in the good fats (organic coconut oil, grass-fed butter and free-range egg yolks) your body metabolizes the coffee slower which leads to extended energy without the crash.

Coffee Blocks Directions

How do you make this mysterious “Coffee Block?!” You simply drop the pod contents in hot water and stir or whip up with your emersion blender. I prefer it whipped up as it makes it taste very creamy. I always say a diet is a way of life, not a short term program you follow. Coffee Blocks can easily be added to your morning ritual without all the hassle. I don’t know anyone who has the time every single morning to make a cup of coffee, measure and scoop in all the good fats, add in vanilla, whip it all up and clean up the mess you just made. I work from home and I still don’t have the time for that.

So what’s my vote on Coffee Blocks? Three thumbs up for nutritious, delicious and convenient. Now for the fun part, Coffee Blocks is a new start up company. Started by 3 passionate guys who were balancing kids, life, work, wives, dogs and exercise all while trying to come up with something to help all of you. They want nothing more than to make Coffee Blocks available for everyone. To do this they have created a Kickstarter.

Coffee Blocks Kickstarter


What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a fund raising website that is used by many different people. Musicians to record their latest album to fashion designers looking for the funding to launch a great clothing line. Kickstarter makes you set a goal of fund raising and if you don’t hit that goal you get NONE of the money. That’s right none. Kickstarter only collects the funds once the target is hit. This means that if you go and pledge 50$ to Coffee Block’s Kickstarter and they don’t reach their goal you will not be charged. Enough with the negative though. Let’s talk about what happens when Coffee Blocks does reach their goal! Not only will they be able to get their company off the ground running but everyone who pledged money to their Kickstarter will get to claim their prizes!

Thank you Coffee Blocks for letting me try your great coffee. Cannot wait to see what’s to come for you guys!

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