Food Company Review: Natasha’s Health Nut Cookies

Ever eat a cookie that tastes good and you know to also be beneficial for you? Today we did!
Natasha’s cookies—the healthy snack.

Natasha Becker has been creating three flavors of her grain-free healthy cookies for about seven
years, serving health-conscious, gluten-free, celiac, diabetic, and Specific Carbohydrate Diet eaters
with rave reviews.

One of my testers tested well over 70 products in 2010 and felt Natasha’s Cookies were the best
he’d tasted yet! He also liked knowing they’re sugar-free, contain protein and fiber, and serve as a
low-carb delicious “treat.”

The cookies have a shelf life of 30-40 days, but it’s recommended that you keep them in the
refrigerator to maintain the integrity of the almonds. With no preservatives and batches made fresh,
Natasha says they stay fresher longer in the refrigerator.

Three flavors, cranberry-orange, raisin amaretto, and vanilla chocolate chip, are sweetened with a
hint of maltitol only. They also curb the appetite!

We all agreed that Natasha has a niche. Order online at or call 866-328-8225.

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13 thoughts on “Food Company Review: Natasha’s Health Nut Cookies

  1. I am a huge fan of Natasha’s. It’s always good to know that the treats you’re indulging in are also good for your body!

  2. Thanks for sharing this company with us. I’m interested in going on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and it’s nice to know I’ll have something delicious to treat myself with!

  3. Hi Tina,

    I’m so glad to see a review of Natasha’s Health Nut cookies. They are by far the best chewy cookies you can buy, gluten free or not. My husband is not gluten free, or sugar free, but he loves these!


  4. Hi Tina,

    Just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to review my cookies.
    You are an incredibly kind and talented lady and ‘fellow entrepreneur’.
    I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    I am also very grateful to Pat, Peggy (above reviews) and to my loyal farmer’s market and on-line
    customers who enjoy the cookies and always try to ‘spread-the-cookie-word’ ! Thank you all
    and Happy Thanksgiving !

  5. Natasha’s cookies are the best healthy snack I’ve ever eaten. I can enjoy them without the guilt! You got to try her gluten-free chocolate torte too. They are delicious!

  6. As a registered dietitian, I love the simple ingredients in these cookies. And I always recommend that people not let the word “cookie” fool them…these make terrific snack bars to toss in your purse or briefcase for between meal snacks that deliver healthy fat, along with protein.

  7. Having studied nutritional healing, I think these cookies are GENIUS not to mention delicious! The fact that they’re made of almonds makes them healthy for the following reasons: 1) Healthy heart protecting Vit. E, Omega 3, 2) Healthy Digestion (fiber fills & satisfies the appetite without the calories), 3) Sustained Energy- protein & low glycemic (natural, slow absorbing) sugars keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day, 4) Appetite suppressant & Weight loss cookie- when your blood sugar is stable you don’t feel the urge to snack for food cravings or energy (Based on Dr. Seale Harris’ weight loss study), 5) Great treat for Diabetics, Celiacs, Weight Watchers or health conscious consumers. 6. Convenient portion controlled dessert/snack in the form of a cookie that tastes better than a diet snack & better than an energy bar! The cookies are great, especially the pumpkin & hand dipped dark chocolate, chocolate chip cookie & the dark chocolate torte is absolutely phenomenal! Reduced calories, reduced carbs, RICH, DECADENT, CHOCOLATE taste, moist, texture! I’m an absolute raving fan! Natasha found a niche & filled it better than any other competitor in the market & is in a league all her own! It’s a matter of time before Oprah & other celebrities flock to this taste sensation that we’ve had the privilege of enjoying- Nutriitious & Delicious!

  8. I LOVE these cookies! I stick them both in the freezer and in the refrigerator for a special treat. My favorite is the amaretto..but it’s always changing. It’s exciting to know that there is no sugar in them. So, I feel entirely guilt free when I’m eating them.

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