Gluten-Free Pizza for the Newcomer


I decided to create this recipe for the newer Gluten-Free eater.

Many people that are new to a Gluten-Free diet are thrown into the kitchen to make meals and bake much more than they had previously. This can put people at a loss, not to mention a longing for foods they feel they can never have again. Well, not so. This is a simple way to make “general” pizza. Once you make one you will have your own ideas and the possibilities will be endless.


Gluten-Free pizza crust (pre-made in your store), or better yet, try and make your own with a GF packaged pie crust mix.

The trick to a real good gluten-free crust is to make it thin or else it can be too heavy.

Bake your crust per the instructions before placing toppings on it.


Soy/rice cheese
Tomato sauces
Meats (hormone-free)
Fruits (you name them)


1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

2. Arrange your toppings on baked crust as desired.

3. Bake the pizza for for approximately 10 minutes. Keep an eye on it.

NOTE: For thick sliced vegetables on top of your pizza, I suggest lowering the temperature to 325 degrees and cook longer. Keep in mind you can sauté or steam your vegetables first too!

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