Gluten-Free Crab Fritters

Oh baby. Talk about GOOD, GOOD, GOOD. This recipe is simple, fast and rewarding, that’s how we women like a meal.

(50 mins, serves 4-6)


2 zucchinis sliced thin lengthwise in slivers

1 lb fresh lump crab meat

1 egg white

Salt and pepper

1 c GF flour mix (no xanthan)

2 eggs beaten

2 c GF bread crumbs

Vegetables for frying



1. Let zucchini dry on a towel for 30 mins. Change towel after 15 mins.

2. Combine egg white and crab. Season with salt and pepper. Mix.

3. Little by little add in zucchini.

4. Roll in flour then egg then bread crumbs.

5. Refrigerate 30 mins.

6. Heat oil in a pan. Pan-fry.


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5 thoughts on “Gluten-Free Crab Fritters

  1. Holy smokes! I haven’t been this captivated by a recipe in a long time! This sounds sooooo amazing! And it would be so much more expensive at a restaurant. I love making special seafood dishes like this at home because I save a ton of money.

  2. This one definitely sounds good! I found out recently that I’m sensitive to crab, so I try to avoid it, but I’m going to have to make an exception this time!

  3. Hi Tina there’s plenty of fresh crab down here in Florida. I look forward to making these fritter guys here. The picture looks great.

  4. Would like to try this, but must admit I am stumped by instruction 5: Refry 30 mins.? Is that supposed to be refrigerate 30 mins.? Thanks in advance for claification.

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