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This is a terrific site for gluten-free getaways and traveling. Many of the old timers( those familiar with the gluten-free arena) are well aware of Bob and Ruth’s. These two have done a tremendous job in pioneering this area and setting up incredible getaways we can do in the comfort of other who also need a gluten-free diet.

You can now travel and eat gluten-free meals, desserts, snacks and even beer safely and without any hassle at all. It all depends on your trip and what may be planned or even what you request. Read on!

Bob Levy was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in February, 1995. Just a few months after being diagnosed, he began arranging gluten-free dinners at restaurants in the Baltimore area as well as gluten-free getaways to the Caribbean. People  participated in these dinners and trips soon suggested that Bob should be a full-time endeavor.

It took a while for the concept to develop, but in November of 1998 Bob & Ruth’s published the first newsletter and were off and running. All their efforts have one goal in mind -” to make your life as a Celiac as normal and enjoyable as possible.” This is exactly what they have accomplished and continue to do.

Check out all the details of mini getaway and all of the other  gluten-free getaways we are currently offering on their website

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  1. Very excited about these gluten-free getaways! I’ve been meaning to go on one for a while now. Perhaps the time is now.

  2. Wonderful website!!! Now that the economy is picking up, we’re definitely looking for some great getaways!

  3. This is a wonderful resource thanks for sharing it. I have been meaning to do more traveling with my celiac husband and I look forward to getting the help of Bob & Ruth!

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