Agave- Is it Beneficial or Not?… AGAVE 101


Sandi Star  founder of shares some insight which everyone should read:

Agave has been in the “media” recently published by Mercola (check out story) stating that agave is extremely dangerous and is worse than high fructose corn syrup. Although I have the highest respect for Dr. Mercola I can only speculate he does not have enough research to back this up and has not taken the time to get each manufacturers side of the story. As you know….. Be sure and read this all the way to the bottom and 5 articles offered at the bottom, with evidence and data for everyone to have.

and Kath Patalsky of shares this:

I get a lot of questions about my use of Agave Syrup as a sweetener in my vegan recipes. So here is my Agave Syrup 101 post. It is a must read for anyone who is health-conscious or simply curious about what they put in their bodies. I encourage all professional or amateur chefs to read this post as well. There is a wide world beyond white sugar. Click ahead for Agave Syrup 101, it includes health benefits, directions of use, sweetener comparisons and the history of this healthy sugar substitute…

Sugar Confusion. I’m never surprised by the presence of confusion when it comes to sugar and sweeteners. With so many natural and artificial sweeteners…

Please do your homework and be aware of AND READ the many articles on Agave.

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2 thoughts on “Agave- Is it Beneficial or Not?… AGAVE 101

  1. Great info on Agave, we love it at our house! We use it in all of our recipes that call for white sugar. It’s definitely trial and error when it comes to baking, but getting better at it!

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