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While on my fall East Coast book tour, I was traveling from city to city, eating food here and there while doing my ultimate best to stay away from gluten, as I’m celiac. In Whole Foods I decided I wanted to supplement my diet with a good nutrient-based product. I was so pleased to find a “green-red” product void of all-too-common grass fillers, Michael’s Super Defense Food.

I’ve found most products that offer greens or greens and reds are combined with the all-too-common grass fillers such as wheat and barley grass. The topic of ingesting these grasses is controversial among celiacs, and I personally do not do well with them as well as many other celiacs I’ve spoken with.

In speaking with the founder of Michael’s Naturopathic Programs, Michael revealed his purpose in developing this product was to support a cleansing program many of his clients and customers were on. He wanted to offer an easy and successful way for the body to assimilate the nutrients needed on a cleanse in order to help support the body’s organs during a cleanse. The product took off and has been a success, popular among many not on a cleanse.


Kids love the taste as well as adults. Michael mentioned many parents add the product to rice, soy, or almond milk, and the kids think it’s chocolate milk. I had to try this with my rice milk and found it tasted exactly like a delicious carob drink. I shared this with others and they all agreed—delicious and nutritious, slightly sweet. Tremendously nutrient-dense, just a small amount goes a long way. I felt fortified all day with my little scoop each morning. I also felt this “life,” so to speak, even with the first swallow.

Ingredients are easy to read on the website. This one product has over 40 ingredients such as greens, veggies, fruits, digestive enzymes, berries, herbs, mushrooms, probiotics, and antioxidants, with no added sugar, all in one single product.

Michael is a story in himself, having raised healthy children who never went to a doctor. Now he hopes the tradition will continue with his grandchildren.

Anyone can find out more about Michael’s, his supplements, and nutritional programs at

The facility is kosher, vegan, non GMO, and nut-, soy-, and of course gluten-free.

Thank you, Michael, for making my book tour a success with your Super Defense Food in my daily combat against an occasional accidental gluten intake and in keeping my energy high during my 3 solid weeks of traveling from city to city. Traveling can be difficult for many celiacs.

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9 thoughts on “Company Review: Michael’s Naturopathic Programs

  1. I daughter has gluten intolerance & also has down syndrome. So it was very hard for the doctors to believe that she was having stomach problems just by my say so because she could not indicate how she was hurting. But I knew she was and it only took us 7 years to get the answer. But she is still hurting even though I have been trying everything that I can. We both have the DQ8 gene so I’m sure I have it also but I don’t have the symptoms but am starting to have health issues. But my main concern not is just trying to have one day that my daughter will tell me that her stomach does not hurt. And since we have been are not even eating corn or rice because we heard that they also are gluten or a grain we should not be eating it has really been hard for the both of us. And of course I’m pass 60 and it’s also hard to change after sooooooo many years of eating what every body else is eating. I’m not really sure how or if I’m able to read any replies to this because I really not sure of how to use this blog very well. I’m also new at this, I mainly just read what everyone has to say to try and help me and my daughter.

  2. I will add this to my shakes and enjoy the heck out of good nutrition in my body- Yipee! Thanks Tina. You are really helping people. MJ

  3. First of all I will share this with my children in our morning ritual before school. I am sure this will be a terrific help for their attention. I will also try in in few baked goods. why not ? R

  4. I ma very excited about this product. The company look terrific. I will give it all to my family and order more when we run out, I am sure. Sally

  5. Look like quite a product Tina! I’d love to have this sent to me and since I love carob, I think I will try that mixture and see how it tastes with my almond milk. I am lactose intolerant as well as three of my five children. Me, me , me. I want this! Mary

  6. My wife was recently diagnosed celiac even though we have suspected it despite repetitive false negatives. With her health in mind I would really like the opportunity to share this with her and help her improve her health. We have a ways to go, but this looks like a fabulous ingredient to any drink.

    Tina, I am also researching sites for help and your site is really terrific. Thank you for all this helpful advice, the references through your reviews as well as simple recipes. This is one of the more user friendly sites and full of information which I can use today.

    Thank you- Joe

  7. Hi! 🙂
    I am a 23 year old female who’s battled with stomach issues for 3 years now. I believe in natural healing with foods and supplements, so I would looove to win this product to see a change in the way I feel everyday and be able to conquer this mystery illness. I play in a band that tours year round, and I take supplements everyday, but it’s hard juggling 5-10 bottles of supplements everywhere I go, so sometimes I can’t keep up. Something like this would be amazing. I’ve had literally every test in the book done and in an out of hospitals and they seem to think i suffer from poor enzyme digestion, IBS, and Chronic acid reflux. I decided to go vegetarian to live healthier, and with that came the desire to eventually go vegan. I am now also gluten-free since nothing seems to have really helped permanently, and I am determined to figure out a way of dealing without living on prescriptions. I sure hope you consider me! This would definitely go to great use! Thank you <3

  8. I am gluten intolerant, having mostly the same issues as someone with celiac. I eat a healthy diet at home, but when traveling it is much harder. This would be a great product to take with me when traveling or spending time at grandkids’ houses.

  9. It feels like I’m completely from another planet sometimes (Smile) and I’ve dealt with this most of my life but didn’t find out about the gluten allergy until 10 years ago. It can be very frustrating but I am finding positive encouragement in creating a more wholistic lifestyle for myself. I’m 47 and I came across this information as I was looking to find something green and powerful that was also gluten free to add to my smoothies. I’ve tried a couple of things that didn’t taste good or it upset my stomach.
    I’m also going through the change so, it has been quite interesting (smile) yet, I intend to create the lifestyle that I see for myself. This product sounds like a winner! Thank you for inspiring people in being more aware of their health.


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