A Diet Free From Gluten Can Be Good For You- Jamie Stern

Jamie Stern is the founder of www.Allergiesandme.com and has contributed this article to this site in order to reach out and help others. Jamie has done researcher in many areas to help those in need and today she has shared her latest research on how a gluten-free diet has many positive aspects. Please read and enjoy.

As a retailer of gluten free foods, I am constantly scouring the internet for food related news and research to keep my customers informed. I ran across this piece that is, on the surface, unrelated to dietary restrictions due to intolerances, but is actually a wonderful by-product of leading a gluten free lifestyle.  Hey, good news for a change!

A new study out of Columbia University reports that a diet that is heavy on tomatoes, nuts, fish, salad dressing, cruciferous vegetables (see definition of these on Wikipedia), dark & leafy vegetables, fruits and poultry may actually reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s by almost 40 percent.  The study followed a little over 2,000 adults over age 65, without dementia, and assessed their diets every 18 months for four years. During this time frame, 253 of them developed Alzheimer’s disease.

For those of you out there that like “scientific jargon”, the actual quote from these researchers in the publication, Archives of Neurology, was “For example, vitamin B12 and folate are homocysteine-related vitamins that may have an impact on Alzheimer’s disease via their ability of reducing circulating homocysteine levels, vitamin E might prevent Alzheimer’s disease via its strong antioxidant effect and fatty acids may be related to dementia and cognitive function through atherosclerosis, thrombosis or inflammation via an effect on brain development and membrane functioning or via accumulation of beta-amyloid.”

For the rest of us, we can take potential solace in knowing that a diet free from gluten or wheat products can still be good for you. Always try to find that Silver lining!

Have a Happy Healthy Day!

Jamie Stern

Jamie Stern is the founder of www.Allergiesandme.com , an online store that provides products and resources to those battling Food Intolerances, Food Allergies and many other dietary restrictions. The store carries hundreds of products, many of them gluten free, as well as free from the top food allergens. Check out the website for food news, recalls and great new recipes from cookbook authors and bloggers from around the country.

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  1. Yeah, 100% agree with you. Gluten free foods is not only meant for people with ceiliac diseases, it is also very health for normal people (especially those who want to bring down their weight).

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